August 02, 2021 2 min read

If you’re looking for the whole package—tough, gorgeous, and affordable—look no further than luxury vinyl flooring. Waterproof flooring such as this is thicker and stronger than standard vinyl, and because it’s a manmade flooring, it can be designed to look like anything under the sun. Top that off with a friendly price point and you’ve got a flooring favorite of folks everywhere.

While this sort of flooring is always in style, 2021 has brought some new trends to the table that are worth noting if you’re considering adding this flooring type to your repertoire. Let’s take a look together at some of the year’s hottest finishes so far.

Pump Up Your Home With Patterns

Name a “fancy” flooring design and vinyl flooring puts it within your grasp, both in terms of economy and installation. Take, for example, parquet flooring. While installing authentic flooring of this type can be tricky, given all the directions the wood flows, parquet luxury vinyl plank flooring makes installation easy with its simple floating method. Plus, in times where money is tight, vinyl is by far the more affordable option, too!

Perhaps both of those reasons are why patterned floors are so in vogue this year—or maybe people want a standout flooring look that screams luxury. Either way, patterns are a trendy choice.

Wood-Look Flooring With Character Is One to Watch Out For

Hardwood flooring—and vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood flooring—never goes out of style.  These days, however, as people seek innovative ways to express themselves with their flooring, wood-look vinyl that has “personality” to it is becoming more and more trendy. Think knots, distressed looks, and defined grains; in other words, consider flooring that makes your home look authentic and lived-in.

Marble-Look Vinyl Flooring Is the Epitome of Chic

Okay, the marble trend isn’t exactly exclusive to the vinyl flooring industry. Remember when faux-stone laptop cases, phone skins, and journal covers were all the rage a few years ago? Regardless, the look today is a top trendy pick for your vinyl flooring renovation, and it’s one that, in-style or not, is unlikely to become obsolete.

After all, the Ancient Greeks heavily relied on marble in their architecture, and we still find their designs breathtaking many centuries later.

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