August 03, 2020 2 min read

Whether you own a small hobby farm or a huge agricultural operation, one thing is clear: your relationship with the land is important to you and your family. To some extent, you’ve built a lifestyle around it, and your home reflects that. Perhaps you’ve designated a singular room as the “mudroom,” using it as a place to store all of your gear, or perhaps your dining room is dripping with farmhouse decor. Your home both speaks to and fits in with your livelihood or hobby, arguably to the extent that it isn’t often seen in families of other lifestyles.


Just like every other part of your home, your flooring should also harmonize, both aesthetically and functionally, with how your family lives. If you’re in the market currently, finding flooring that can fit the high demands of many farming families isn’t easy. From the abrasion of mud on boots to the spilling of your watering pail, your flooring needs to put up with a lot more than it would in the average household. Perhaps you’ve searched high and low for that perfect flooring type—to no avail. Will you ever find flooring as hardworking as your family?


Don’t worry; E Hardwoods & Flooring has a high-quality selection right here online. We’ll even direct you below to the product types that will suit your farming home.

First: What Area of Your Home are You Looking to Redo?

Your mudroom has very different requirements than, say, your kids’ bedroom. What flooring type and brand is right for you depends in part on what area of your home or facility you’re looking to renovate.


  • For tough mudrooms,luxury vinyl flooring is ideal | Being completely waterproof and much thicker than your average waterproof vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl is practically made for farming families—and it can be nearly aesthetically identical to hardwood flooring.
  • In historical parlors, solid hardwood flooring can fit right in |If your farmhouse is of the old, distinguished type, you’re well off going with an equally distinguished flooring type. Proper maintenance and effective protection are essential to maintaining this flooring type. Just remember to take off your boots!
  • Engineered hardwood flooring can render itself useful in a variety of locations | Its relatively affordable nature and partial solid wood complexion mean it can be a fit for hallways, living rooms, or bedrooms. Just remember that, like solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring contains wood, so it appreciates protective products, like rugs, if need be.

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