July 13, 2020 2 min read

Are you the proud owner of a sturdy old farmhouse, passed down through the generations? How about a massive mansion you fully intend to pass onto your children? No matter the type, homes that have stood or will stand the test of time are deserving of respect and care. If they’re old, they’ve served countless families over the years. If they’re young, but have a big future ahead of them, they’re sure to serve several families, provided you and those following take care of it. Though your home is an inanimate structure, you must admit that that’s certainly an admirable purpose!


One way that homeowners can support their heirloom homes is to periodically opt for new flooring. But what type should you choose? Heirloom homes can vary when it comes to style, climate, and humidity levels. Certainly there isn’t a single type of flooring that works well for them all—or is there?


While we at E Hardwoods & Flooring understand that every heirloom home is an individual, one flooring type stands out above all others as a great fit.

Hardwood Flooring: The Perfect Option for Your Long-Standing Home

Solid hardwood flooring, as its name implies, is flooring made of sturdy, 100% wood, unlike engineered hardwood flooring, which is made of a partial wood composite. Common types of hardwood include maplewood, oakwood, and hickory, each with their own colors and properties—yes, every type of hardwood flooring is different, just like every heirloom home is!


While this may be true, there are a few reasons why the broad category of flooring serves this broad category of real estate so well.


  • Hardwood flooring, when properly cared for, can last for a lifetime or more |Wood is structurally sound, durable, and flexible. When you replace boards as needed and regularly invest in professional sanding and refinishing, your hardwood flooring will both look great and stand strong for decades.
  • Hardwood flooring’s style is timeless | When was the last time you heard someone critique the look of hardwood floors? Probably never. Indeed, hardwood possesses a timeless beauty, which other floorings, such as vinyl flooring and laminate, have recently sought to imitate.
  • Hardwood is frequently seen as the pinnacle of luxury | You want your children, grandchildren, or loved ones to feel good about what they’re inheriting, right? Then give them a flooring that dazzles and drips with high-class style.

E Hardwoods & Flooring is the Perfect Place to Buy Hardwood Flooring Online

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