February 07, 2022 2 min read

Have you been ogling our stock ofParamount hardwood flooring or the solid hardwood flooring of one of our other standout brands? We don’t blame you; wood is some pretty sensational stuff!

What’s stopping you from choosing it for your next renovation? If it’s any number of rumors or heresy in your head, you’re not alone; in the Internet age, it’s all too easy for myths about anything to spread, solid hardwood flooring being no exception. You might not even know that some of the stuff you’ve heard about it is disputed!

E Hardwoods & Flooring, where you can buy hardwood flooring online, is here to clear the air. Below, you’ll find a few common, yet false beliefs about prefinished hardwood flooring—and the real facts you need to know to make smart buying decisions.

Myth: Hardwood Flooring and Pets Can’t Coexist

Fact: they can! You just need to make sure both are properly taken care of. We’ve written an entire blog on the subject; check it out for the full picture:“Hardwood Flooring and Pets: Can They Coexist?”

The biggest concerns with hardwood and pets are moisture damage from water bowls, gouges from long nails, and poorly-timed potty breaks. Use water-resistant mats, keep Fido’s nails trimmed, and keep young pups off the hardwood until they know better, and you’ll be golden.

Myth: Hardwood Flooring Is Too Expensive for Me

Fact: Solid hardwood flooring comes in a variety of wood species, each of which has a different price point. Take, for example, Paramount hardwood flooring. While its exoticAcacia line might clock in at $8.99 per square foot,a birch product from the same brand is $7.10 per square foot. Many factors play roles in how affordable your hardwood is—what’s fantastic is that every hardwood species is sturdy and long-lasting.

Prefinished hardwood flooring is also known to last for decades when properly cared for. While it may be an upfront investment, its longevity tends to make it an intelligent long-term purchase.

Myth: I’m Too Busy to Care for Solid Hardwood Flooring

Fact: While we don’t know your schedule, we do know that there are plenty of professional floor refinishers available for hire. On top of that, hardwood flooring is easy to sweep and vacuum compared to some other flooring types (carpet, looking at you). Just clean up spills as they happen, as you would with any flooring, and you’re good to go.

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