January 14, 2019 3 min read

If you are getting ready to undertake a new flooring project, consider the benefits and features of luxury vinyl planking (LVP). What is vinyl planking? It is a durable, waterproof flooring that emulates the look and feel of natural hardwood or stone surfaces.


Vinyl planking is composed of multiple vinyl layers that reinforce the construction and enhance the product’s durability. As a homeowner, you’ll also discover how easy the planking is to clean and maintain over the years. Read more below to find out why luxury vinyl planking is quickly becoming the top choice of leading contractors and installers.

Protect Your Floor From Moisture with Vinyl Planking

Due to its durability, you can install the flooring in any room where moisture is a factor:


  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Utility room
  • Enclosed garage
  • Basement
  • Enclosed porch


Vinyl planking is impervious to spills and resists stains. No matter where you install it in your home, you can expect it to maintain a high level of performance during its life expectancy.

Two Types of Vinyl Planking to Choose From

There are two main types of luxury vinyl planking:

1.   Vinyl Planks

Planks are among the most popular flooring for homeowners who want the classic, natural wood look but without all the hassle of maintaining real wood. Plus, you’ll have endless colors and stains to choose from, such as oak, pine, hickory, walnut, acacia, and ash.

2.   Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile is the same as Luxury Vinyl Planks, they just look like Tile. Vinyl tile is 100 percent waterproof and also reduces acoustic noise due to the underlayment.


Whether you choose to go the DIY route or hire a contractor to implement your flooring, vinyl tile is super easy to install regardless of the size of the area.

Key Features of Luxury Vinyl Planking

Take a closer look at vinyl planking, and you’ll notice several key features that make it a suitable choice for your home.

●      Cost-Effective

New flooring is an investment that increases your home’s value. But you don’t have to exceed your budget to get a good investment. For instance, the average cost of luxury vinyl planking is $4 per square foot. At $8 per square foot for real wood, you can cut your costs in half while installing a quality product that outperforms wood when it comes to waterproofing. You can save hundreds of dollars on your entire project.

●      Endless Design Options

When choosing vinyl planking or tile, your greatest challenge will be narrowing down all your choices. There is an endless array of options for you to choose from including colors, patterns, and textures.

●      Easy Installation

Vinyl planks lock in to place or can be glued down or loose laid. They are easy to cut to the shape of your room. After you install the underlayment, you can assemble the floor one piece at a time. Once you cut and attach a dozen pieces, you’ll get faster as you go. You need no training or expertise to successfully complete an installation.


If you hire a professional to install the floor, you can save on labor costs because the crew will work twice as fast and half as hard to get the job done.

Unmatched Durability

When you install wood or tile in your home, you have to consider how the moisture or other elements will affect the flooring over time. Luxury vinyl planking, on the other hand, is versatile and durable. You can install it virtually anywhere in your home. Vinyl is less likely to scratch, dent, or sustain considerable damage in areas where natural wood or tile would be more vulnerable.

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