June 10, 2019 2 min read

If you’ve decided you’re ready for a long-term flooring investment, hardwood flooring is the ultimate choice. It beats out other flooring categories, such as waterproof vinyl flooring, in the longevity department when it’s properly taken care of; not to mention there’s nothing like the grounded feeling that comes from wood beneath your feet.


In your quest to find the right type of solid hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring for you, you’ve probably come across some fairly strange-sounding woods or flooring brands marked as exotic. What does this even mean, and are there advantages to buying exotic?


E Hardwoods & Flooring, an online hardwood flooring store, is here to answer any questions you have about going exotic.

What Makes a Hardwood Exotic?

Though formal definitions vary, “exotic hardwood” tends to denote a flooring type whose wood is typically grown outside of North America. It tends to be prized for its rarity and rich, unique color and is often seen as a status symbol. As a result, it’s often pricier than North American hardwood flooring.


Both engineered hardwood flooring and solid prefinished hardwood flooring can be designated as exotic, so long as parts of the floors are made with exotic wood. In fact, many people go the route of engineered hardwood flooring, such as the type E Hardwoods & Flooring sells, to save money and insure against humidity and moisture-related replacement.

Types of Exotic Hardwood Flooring

Because the term is so relative, there are countless types of wood that can be designated as exotic. However, as with any industry, trends emerge over time. Today, Brazilian Cherry and Jarrah wood are popular with exotic flooring fanatics.


Brazilian Cherry is known for its luxurious red-brown color, unique grain pattern, and remarkable density. It’s thus an incredibly hardy hardwood flooring choice, as it can stand up to denting and high foot traffic. Be aware, however, that it is also highly photosensitive; Brazilian Cherry will darken over time when exposed to sunlight.


Jarrah wood comes from the Australian Eucalyptus tree. Though it’s as beautiful as fine mahogany, it has the advantage of being more renewable than many exotic hardwoods; eucalyptus trees are fast-growing, reaching heights of up to 120 feet within 14 years.

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