December 06, 2021 2 min read

While the clicks and clacks of dress shoes and high heels might sound merry this holiday season, the same can’t be said in your flooring’s eyes. Increased foot traffic combined with guests who may not understand how to treat your flooring can both lead to some nasty scrapes and scratches—certainly not something you want to wake up to on a holiday morning.

So what’s there to do? Certainly, you can’t run around being the flooring olice; you’ve got enough on your plate! Luckily, E Hardwoods & Flooring, where you can buy hardwood flooring online, has a few tips for happy floors throughout the holidays below.

Rugs Are Your Best Friends

Not only can they be festive and fun, but they can serve as valuable protection from shoes, foot traffic, and spilled drinks and food. Your hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring will appreciate the extra protection, and you’ll appreciate the holiday spirit they bring to the household ambiance.

But it’s not as easy as dragging rugs out and stationing them wherever; you’ll need to consider your room’s overall design if you want to wow your guests, as well as the backing of the mat to avoid damage, in certain cases. Learn more about flooring and rugs in our blog “Rugs: The Ins and Outs of Using Them With Your Flooring.”

Shoes Off, Please!

If it’s a smaller, more informal gathering you’re hosting where you’ll personally greet each guest, you can simply tell them to leave their shoes by the door. It’s a small gesture that can really invite guests to let their hair down, sure—but it’s also a huge favor to your flooring.

Scratches and scrapes can abound with unwise, unsupervised shoe use. Even the cleanest pair of heels can grind pre-existing grains of grime into your solid hardwood flooring’s finishing, and while this probably won’t lead to massive visible damage, any step you can take to prolong your flooring’s life is worth it.

Keep Drinks Relatively Confined

It’s no secret that wine, juice, and soda stains carpets, but most of your engineered hardwood flooring and solid hardwoods should be safe from that threat if it’s promptly taken care of. However, the keyword here is promptly. It’s not always easy to catch spills as soon as they happen during a party, so try to keep guests’ drinks in one room—a room that has  stain-resistant flooring like waterproof flooring.

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