May 10, 2021 2 min read

If you’ve even begun to look into adding hardwood flooring to your home, you probably already know that one of its perks is that it can be refinished. This is a regular maintenance procedure that can leave your flooring looking as fresh as it did when it rolled out of the factory, and as it involves redoing a flooring’s protective coating, it’s also part of what makes solid hardwood flooring last for so long.

In short, it’s quite a perk! That being said, it is a process. So how long does it take?

The Long and Short of It

If you want to do it right, refinishing even a room with prefinished hardwood flooring takes, at minimum, around three days—at most, you can be looking at five. During this time, it’s wise to keep off of the flooring as much as you can, especially during the first 24 hours. Be sure to wait until the flooring’s protective coating is completely dry before moving any furniture back.

While three to five days is a solid average, a variety of things can affect how fast your flooring can be back to normal, including

What Kind of Topcoat to Use

Solid hardwood topcoats come in two forms: water-based and oil-based. Generally speaking, oil-based finishes will take longer to solidify, but they hold up for longer than do their water-based cousins. Pick the version that works best for your needs and that of the given project.

How Much Space Needs to Be Refinished

If you’re hiring professional help, you’ll need to take into account the team’s daily limit. Many companies have boundaries on how much square footage they can tackle in a shift. After all, refinishing is quite labor-intensive, as it involves sanding, applying the topcoat, cleanup… the list goes on and on!

A reasonable project timeline, though it might be longer than you expect, ensures the well-being of the workers and that you get quality results.

The Weather

Yes, the weather—specifically, humidity. Broadly speaking, the higher the humidity level is, the longer your flooring will need to dry. Though you don’t need to plan around this factor, it is something to keep in mind if your refinishing job takes a little longer than expected.

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