December 14, 2020 2 min read

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, one thing’s for certain: A very important holiday is certainly coming up, and your entire family is embracing the preparations with gusto!

Hanging decorations, clearing out clutter, and freshening up your furniture – all of it plays a role in setting the state for holiday guests, but at E Hardwoods & Flooring, we’re here to remind you that your flooring does the same. Dull hardwood flooring or dusty vinyl flooring certainly doesn’t make a good impression!

As a vendor of engineered hardwood flooring, waterproof flooring, and beyond, we’re here with a few tips to freshen up your flooring’s appearance for the joyous holiday season ahead.

#1 Flooring-Cleaning Rule: Specific Cleaners Are for Specific Floorings

No, you can’t just dilute standard bleach, dump it on every type of flooring, and call it a day!

Certain cleaners can be downright appearance-altering for your investments, so always read the labels on the bottles before using them. Those labels are there for a reason – if only they could use a bit larger of a font!

In addition to what cleaning products you use, be extra mindful of your cleaning practices and maintenance routines around this time of year, as well. Getting your flooring looking great for visitors requires just as much proper timing as it does knowledge specific techniques.

Try Refinishing

Consider refinishing your prefinished hardwood flooring if you’ve been putting it off. There’s no better way than to get your hardwood flooring looking like new again than with a good old fashioned refinishing!

Not all solid hardwood floorings are immediate candidates for this sort of a procedure, but if they aren’t, a fresh coat of refinishing product, when applied correctly, can achieve a similar effect. Get both of these done far ahead of time, keep up with regular cleaning until the big day, and you’re all set!

Avoid Moisture

Be careful with water. Water-based cleaning methods, while they can work just fine for waterproof flooring, can be quite detrimental to other types. It’s not just cleaners you have to keep in mind.

Use Rugs for Protection & Style

Don’t be afraid to make use of rugs. Have problem areas, such as scratches, that you don't have time to fix in the pre-party rush? A handy holiday-themed mat can compensate nicely in many cases.

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