September 13, 2021 2 min read

Whether it’s from your kid’s spilled-and-forgotten juicebox or an unfortunate puppy potty-training accident, sometimes stains happen, even to your beloved solid hardwood flooring that you've worked so hard to protect. It might seem like quite a despairing moment when you discover the splotch, but don’t fret; there’s plenty you can do to even out the hue of your high-end investment.

Below, E Hardwoods & Flooring, where you can buy hardwood flooring online, has a few tips on what to do—as well as how to avoid straight-up ruining your floor.

Old Reliable: The Refinishing

If you’re a prefinished hardwood flooring owner, no doubt this is where your mind went first when you debated how to fix the stain. It’s for good reason!

Refinishing is a great way to buff away wear-and-tear and tackle shallow stains without the use of harsh chemicals to do so. To learn more about the capabilities of refinishing, check out our solid hardwood flooring blog, “What Refinishing Your Hardwood Flooring Can—and Can’t—Fix.”

In addition to being a solid avenue for stain removal, it’s also a required part of hardwood flooring maintenance and a big part of what ensures its longevity. So if it’s high time your floor gets refinished, this new stain is the perfect excuse.

Alternate Avenue: Wood Stain Remover

Lots of sites recommend using anything from isopropyl alcohol or even full-strength bleach to rid your hardwood of stains; we’re not one of them. Such cleaning products are volatile, and there’s a lot at stake if they happen to ruin a board or more of your solid hardwood flooring.

One thing you can’t go wrong with, though, is a specially-made stain remover for hardwood floors. These are sold online and at a variety of home improvement stores, and they’re relatively affordable—certainly more so than replacing your hardwood flooring!

Whatever you use, make sure the product is compatible with your flooring’s finish. The finishing product’s website should have more information on whether this will be so.

Don’t Get the Water Woes

Water may seem the most tame cleaning product out there, especially compared to everything else that’s commonly recommended to remove hardwood stains. Appearances, though, can be deceiving; water and wood never mix, and this doesn’t change when it comes to stain removal.

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