February 21, 2022 2 min read

Radiant floor heating systems are a shortcut to the lap of luxury. Not only do they make stepping on a cold floor after a warm shower a thing of the past, but they can drastically cut down on your heating bills when used conscientiously. As a homeowner, you’re right to look forward to its installation!

However, radiant floors can be a little finicky when it comes to the flooring that sits above them, and certain flooring types will allow them to function better than others. E Hardwoods & Flooring, where you can buy hardwood flooring online, is here with a shortlist of the materials that will best suit your luxe new renovation.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is indeed lovely in many ways. Made of layered particleboard with a photorealistic top layer, it not only looks and feels like real wood but has an affordable price tag to boot. Plus, it excels over radiant floors, provided proper precautions are taken to reduce the potential for moisture damage. Check out one of our favorite brands,Quickstep, or our blog on the subject:“The Lowdown on Laminate Flooring.”

Its layered composition gives it extra stability and allows it to resist the expansion and contraction that underfloor heating can cause in more finicky flooring types. As a bonus, Quickstep products are spill-resistant—just another reason to love them!

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Another flooring that’s high in the stability department, engineered hardwood flooring is, like laminate, partially composed of layered wood. Where its counterpart has a realistic printed layer, though, engineered hardwood has an authentic slice of hardwood flooring. This gives it an even more realistic feel underfoot.

Like laminate, though, it requires moisture protection if you’re going the hydronic route. Prefinished hardwood flooring of any subtype doesn’t appreciate getting wet!

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Though waterproof flooring of the past just wasn’t strong enough to withstand frequent heating and cooling, vinyl flooring today is made of tougher materials. Check out all the differences between the two types in our blog entry“Putting the Luxury in Luxury Vinyl.” It’s also immensely stable, but be sure to look into warranties and such before laying it down. Not all luxury vinyl plank flooring is suitable for the job, and your warranty won’t protect you if it’s exposed to temperatures outside of it.

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