April 15, 2019 2 min read

Whether you refinish or replace your hardwood floors depends on several variables—the most important being the age and condition of your current floors. However, there are other factors that depend on how you should approach your decision.


Below, we look we compare floor refinishing with floor replacement so you can decide which is best for your home.


  • Cost

The rule of thumb is this: It is almost always cheaper to refinish your floors than it is to replace them. When refinishing, you need to consider the cost. Will you be refinishing the floors yourself, or will you hire a professional crew to come in and refinish them for you?


You need to consider the same thing when installing new flooring. You can offset the cost of a brand new installation if you install the floors yourself. However, you may not have the tools, skills, or time to replace them. Consequently, you may have to hire a professional company to install them for you. If so, your costs could increase significantly. You may void any manufacturer’s warranty on a product if it’s not installed by a professional.


  • Style & Design

You may be happy with your current hard floors but want to improve their appearance. If so, a refinishing job will drastically improve the floor aesthetic and brighten up your entire room. Refinishing a floor brings out the hardwood’s appearance once again and restores the surface.


However, if you are tired of the old hardwood and want a new look entirely, you could change the stain color or it may be time to rip out the old planks and revitalize your interior. New hardwood not only gives your home a fresh, new design, but also improves your property value.


  • Time & Labor

During this time, you have to remove all the furniture, refinish the floor, and then leave it alone for a some time. Depending on the finish used. For oil-based finishes it’s 8-10 hours and for water-based finishes it’s 2-4 hours. Refinishing a floor also takes a lot of equipment and supplies, however, when dustless sanders are used in the process, very little residue is left so there is relatively no clean up process.


Hardwood floors are easy to install, and you don’t have to wait to walk on them if they are prefinished hardwood floors. They require less equipment, less labor, and less time overall. If you hire a professional crew to install the floors, then the project could be completed within a day or two.


  • Wood Quality

New hardwood flooring already comes with a brand new look and finish. It gives you a fresh start and allows you to enjoy the floor for several decades. Once you make the initial investment, you won’t have to do any refinishing for several years.

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