October 26, 2020 2 min read

Hardwood flooring is often known as the “king of flooring” for a reason—many, in fact. Its stately appearance, exceptional longevity, and ability to bring class to any room has certainly made it stand out as a great choice for businesses and homeowners alike.

However, there exist many types of flooring for many purposes, and solid hardwood flooring might not be a fit for everyone, through no fault of the flooring’s own. For example, a homeowner who is replacing their flooring to boost the resale value of their house might choose not to opt for real hardwood if they’re soon moving out, as they could want to enjoy all the wonderful years of atmosphere prefinished hardwood flooring in their new home instead.

If you love the look of hardwood but, for whatever reason, don’t want to buy it, rest assured there are still plenty of options for you. E Hardwoods & Flooring, where you can buy everything from waterproof flooring to laminate flooring online, examine these options below.

Enter the World of Wood-Look Flooring

Don’t be distraught if hardwood just isn’t happening for you right now. Just because you don’t want to purchase solid hardwood flooring doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the look of real wood! Indeed, countless brands have stepped up to the plate and began manufacturing gorgeous luxury vinyl flooring that, appearance-wise, is almost indiscernible from hardwood.

  • Casabella brings a touch of the modern luxe to luxury vinyl |With names like “Long Beach” and “Boca Raton,” it’s very clear that Casabella’s wood-look floorings are made to stand out in hip homes across the country. From high-rise condominiums to a classy suburban abode, Casabella Flooring luxury vinyl flooring can tie any room together just as well as real hardwood can.
  • Urban Floor luxury vinyl makes a strong statement anywhere it’s lain |At home in a fashion-forward apartment or a small back bedroom, Urban Floor luxury wood-look vinyl is also durable and strong. Some models come with a limited lifetime residential warranties!
  • Metroflor mimics wood to a T |Aside from the ones we sell, few luxury vinyl brands can compete with Metroflor in terms of durability; the brand also sells wood-look floorings that come with warranties. Made in a variety of colors, too, Metroflor renders itself a great pick for the wood-look-devotee of any sort.

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