October 07, 2019 2 min read

Luxury—what a word! It implies decadence, high-class, and a significant investment of money. In the flooring industry, though, the word is used a little differently. It separates two classes of vinyl flooring: standard and luxury.




Wait, luxury vinyl? That seems a little contradictory; standard vinyl flooring is often one of the most economical choices around. What does “luxury” even entail when it comes to vinyl, and how do standard vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl flooring differ?




E Hardwoods & Flooring, an online flooring vendor of everything from solid hardwood to engineered hardwood flooring, hashes out the details below.

Luxury and Vinyl: They Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

In order to understand what luxury vinyl flooring brings to the table, it’s necessary to divorce yourself from the idea that vinyl flooring is only for the strapped-for-cash homeowner. Technology these days, alongside innovation, has made it so that luxury vinyl plank is a viable and aesthetically pleasing option for absolutely anyone. It’s made its presence known everywhere, from the most basic starter home to the fanciest condo.




Now that you’ve ditched the preconceptions:

What Defines Luxury Vinyl?

Luxury vinyl’s wide usability is due to its thickness when compared to standard vinyl flooring products. It ranges from 10 to 20 millimeters thick, whereas standard vinyl flooring tends to be wafer thin. Some bargain tiles come in at only a few millimeters thick! This means that when you invest in a luxury vinyl product, you tend to get a much longer-lasting floor than you would otherwise.




Because you are purchasing a more durable product, luxury vinyl flooring often costs more than standard. Prices can range anywhere from two to ten dollars per square foot. In contrast, standard vinyl costs anywhere from 50 cents to a dollar for the same amount. Remember, though, buying cheap comes at the expense of quality!




Luxury vinyl also is made to resemble natural materials, such as stone, wood, or tile. The patterns of these materials are printed on one of the inner layers of the product, as it is with standard vinyl, but luxury vinyl is made with intentions to mimic organic flooring types.

Buy your Luxury Vinyl Online

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