August 19, 2019 2 min read

Solid hardwood has long been hailed as the creme de la cremeof the flooring world—the queen of it, if you will. It’s long-lasting, durable, and adds an undeniable air of luxury to any space imaginable. However, modern innovation has yielded a formidable new competitor to the flooring universe: engineered hardwood flooring. Its partial plywood construction means that it’s economical and can take a lot more water damage than its solid hardwood cousin.


Two options, each with their own sets of benefits and drawbacks; how is the homeowner to choose? E Hardwoods & Flooring hopes to provide some guidance below.

Opt for Solid Hardwood Flooring if You’re Ready for an Investment

Solid hardwood flooring is the queen of the flooring world, sure. But caring for a queen requires a great deal of time and monetary investment. What does this look like in the case of solid hardwood flooring?


  • Solid hardwood is expensive, but worth it.Because you’re paying for solid planks of the wood you choose, solid hardwood is much more pricey than vinyl flooring or engineered hardwood. However, its expense pays off in that, when properly taken care of, it will last for decades.
  • Solid hardwood needs maintenance.All flooring types need to be maintained on some level, but solid hardwood generally requires yearly professional service. This does offer a return on investment in that your floors will always look like new.
  • Solid hardwood can be finicky.When you take care of even prefinished hardwood flooring yourself, you must use special, wood-friendly products. Investing in these products can deter some people.


All in all, solid hardwood is a great choice if you want a floor that always looks like new—but be prepared to invest in it.

Engineered Hardwood is Better for Areas with High Moisture

In addition to the fact that it is less expensive, engineered hardwood flooring is able to cope with higher humidity levels and the occasional liquid spill. Plywood is much more forgiving in this respect than solid wood. It’s also less of a big deal if a spill does happen, as engineered hardwood is much more economical than solid hardwood and can be easily replaced.

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