July 11, 2022 2 min read

Hardwood flooring, whether solid or engineered, is stately, strong, and the perfect choice for a fashion-forward home, and few brands embody these aspects in their products better than Urban Floor. As we covered in our hardwood flooring blog, we adore this brand for its sheer beauty, in addition to the company’s long history of philanthropic endeavors.


Choosing a flooring from this standout stock can be tricky when there are so many gorgeous opinions. E Hardwoods & Flooring is here to help. Below, you’ll find a brief highlight of a few of our favorite lines, complete with suggested decor styles and room recs.

Timbertop Naples

Soft gray tones mix with a delicate tawny in this bright and airy engineered hardwood flooring.But don’t let its gentle looks fool you; this flooring is a visual heavyweight thanks to the intricacies of its grain. It draws the eye with the hearty color contrast you’ll find in individual planks—but under bright enough furniture, it can take a backseat if it needs to.


Timbertop Naples is an engineered Urbanfloor hardwood flooring line that is at home in a variety of stylistic settings. You’re most likely to find it among airy, minimalist decor, though its natural hues make it a great choice for those whose homes are more “rustic-chic.” It also harmonizes well with the all-too-trendy color greige.

Chêne Chardonnay

It might be named after a wine, but we think it calls the mind the honeycomb you’d pick up as a treat at the farmer’s market: sumptuous and so deeply amber you can practically smell it. Natural knotting and the flooring’s rich color are both jaw-droppers, and they excel at making a space feel cozy without sacrificing that air of luxury engineered hardwoods are known to create.


This flooring excels in many decor styles, as those of natural colors often do. We think it’d look best though, in a space that needs to strike that perfect balance of down-home and fancy—think a trendy kitchen or an expansive living room.

Villa Caprisi European Oak Trentino

Resembling a tall mug of strong black coffee, Villa Caprisi Oak Trentino is as rich and dark as Urban Floor gets. Just like its cousin mentioned above, it excels at making a space feel warm and inviting. It’s so much of a show-stealer, in fact, that decor too close in color to it can easily melt into it in the visual sense—but when this flooring shines, there isn’t quite anything else like it.


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