October 25, 2021 2 min read

There’s no denying that stone flooring sure looks stately. From quaint old ski lodges to modern mansions, its high-end aesthetic is coveted in a variety of architectural styles, so it’s no wonder you want its decorative potential for your home.

However, there are quite a few facets of this flooring that can make it simply impossible for your home and family—but no need to fret. Vinyl flooring can render nearly any space fashionable in faux-stone! We discuss its potential and superiority to real stone flooring below.


Nobody likes to step out of the shower to frozen feet, or to be greeted with a toe-curling chill when they wander into the bathroom first thing in the morning. This is exactly the kind of iciness you’ll get when you install real stone flooring—the phrase “stone-cold” didn’t become commonplace for nothing.

Sure, you can use rugs, but why cover up your flooring when you don’t have to? Waterproof flooring like vinyl tends to be more than a smidgen warmer on the feet, meaning that it makes your morning get-ready space all the more comfortable.


Unless you’re fastidious when you cook, a mess or two is bound to happen in the kitchen. While both stone and vinyl plank flooring can wipe up easily, vinyl is hands down the better thing to have under your feet. Because it lacks the characteristic pockmarks and nooks of some stone flooring types, a simple swipe with a rag is all you need to wipe up stains. No scrubbing required!

Plus, stone is something called porous. This means it’s filled with tiny holes. While the degree of this varies depending on the type of stone used and the sealant, it means that stone can harbor remnants of food messes long after you’ve wiped it up, causing it to stain, or even worse, grow mold. Vinyl has no such porosity and, thus, is much easier to keep tidy long-term.


Basements tend to struggle with humidity issues thanks to poor ventilation and their location belowground. This makes them a poor spot for stone flooring since, again, water can seep into the flooring itself and cause mold growth. Vinyl tile flooring, on the other hand, is completely waterproof, so it can stand up to anything your humidity-happy basement throws at it.

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