December 14, 2022 3 min read

At E Hardwoods & Flooring, we’re proud of our brand partnerships. We’ve long endeavored to bring the best flooring companies and consumers together, bringing the latter the ease of shopping online. One particular brand we love is Somerset. As the pinnacle of quality in solid hardwood flooring, this brand has more than earned its place among our esteemed collection.

Curious about what’s so special about Somerset? We’ve got answers! Below, we’ll dive into four of the characteristics we adore about this brand—though the list, of course, is nonexhaustive!

1) A Company That Values Quality

Of course, all of our brands are top-notch, but in the hardwood flooring industry and to Somerset, quality means something specific. According to the brand’s official website, they “strive{s} to produce the finest quality flooring through {their} investment in cutting edge machinery, quality materials, and the hiring of skilled employees.”

It’s a trifecta of quality-producing characteristics, and that’s why we adore this brand. Because it stays abreast of technological trends, takes pride in the nature of its materials, and values skilled employees, it approaches producing a great product from multiple angles, maximizing the potential for success.

2) Sustainability Matters to Somerset

With its full-time forestry staff and the support of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Somerset is making major strides in the hardwood flooring industry in terms of sustainability. Wood is a sustainable material on its own, but when you invest in Somerset flooring, you’ll feel good knowing that the company you’ve chosen is going the extra mile in terms of the environment.

Plus, given the company’s use of vertical integration, it controls the entire manufacturing process. This means the best use of natural resources is made from start to finish.

While prefinished hardwood isn’t often thought of as the most internationally friendly flooring option, Somerset wants to change that. They operate on a policy that seeks to reduce waste. One remarkable fact about this brand is that they even reuse sawdust created during the fabrication process of their floors. So, if the environment matters to you, trust that Somerset is trying to do things in an ethical way.

3) A Variety of Colorful Choices

Somerset flooring comes in loads of different shades, from deep charcoals to warm, honey hickory. This means that any project can embrace the benefits of this brand—not just those that need a certain look out of their flooring. Prefinished hardwood flooring is timeless on its own, but with the wide variety of colors and hues Somerset provides, that appeal can be personalized, too.

With Somerset flooring, you can choose finishes that look extremely timeless, such as a classic dark wood look. This style matches well with more rustic or cottage-like decorating styles, and you can use these kinds of colors and styles in places like living rooms and dining rooms.

On the other hand, if you want a more contemporary look to match a white kitchen or minimalist vibe, Somerset also provides brown-gray and cool tones that are ideal for these interior design trends. They also have a wide range of high gloss finishes if you want a shinier look.

4) A Plethora Of Plank Styles

Along with offering many finishes, colors, and textures, Somerset flooring also has varying plank sizes. The size of the hardwood planks can significantly change the look and feel of the flooring, so you’ll want to choose an option that matches what you’re going for in your home or business. Some standard sizes include 2 ¼ inch planks and 3 ¼ inch planks. But the selection doesn’t stop there. For larger rooms, the 4-inch or 5-inch plank choices are excellent.

Regardless of which style you go with, having options to choose from is a relief. You'll know you're going with a high-quality, eco-friendly brand that provides you with the choices you want.

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