July 20, 2022 2 min read

When you’re looking into luxury vinyl flooring, it can be tricky to pick a brand. Since it all involves the same ingredient—vinyl—you might wonder what could even set each company’s products apart!


E Hardwoods & Flooring is here to help in your flooring search. While all the brands we stock are standout, each of them shines in different, equally as amazing ways. Below, we’ll detail one of our personal favorites: Coretec luxury vinyl flooring.

Coretec Comes With an Attached Cork Underlayment

Previously on our waterproof flooring blog, we talked about vinyl flooring and underlayments and described methods you can use to pick the latter. Unlike many vinyl flooring brands, though, Coretec comes with an underlayment built in. And it’s not just any underlayment, either. It’s made out of 100% cork, which comes with a variety of benefits.


For one, this underlayment makes the waterproof flooring warmer underfoot—always welcomed in the winter months! It also works great as a sound-absorber, making Coretec a great flooring for multi-family applications. On top of all that, cork resists mold and moisture, making it an underlayment that’s as hardy as the flooring attached to it!

Coretec’s Click-Together Installation Method Is DIY-Friendly

Coretec’s products are “click-together,” which means that they rest on top of the subfloor and are a cinch to install. No messy glue needed! Even if you’ve never installed flooring before, if you do your prepwork correctly and know what you’re getting into, you’ll find Coretec’s installation a breeze.


Because it’s click-together, Coretec products are also quite thick, some sporting an 8-millimeter height. That makes it tough—more floor means more strength.

Coretec’s Wear Layer Can’t Be Beat

The wear layer, for those who don’t know, is the clear “coating” of sorts on top of the rest of the flooring that protects it from scrapes, gouges, and the like. A 20-millimeter wear layer on top of exceptional thickness to begin with makes Coretec one of the most durable waterproof wood-look flooring options out there. It’s particularly suited for the kitchen, where you need something that can hold up while also looking great.


With Coretec vinyl plank flooring underfoot, you can rest easy knowing that your investment in your home’s looks and longevity won’t be in vain.

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