May 27, 2019 2 min read

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring: The Top Contender for Dogs

Unfortunately, pets are messy; it’s a fact of life. In particular, dogs tend to be on the messier side of things. Ask any dog owner, and they’ll tell you their pooch sometimes causes more disorder than the family toddler. Slobber, spilled water bowls, potty-training mishaps, hair, and mud all contribute to the (happy) mess that a dog brings to a family. Your flooring, for your budget’s sake, must be tough enough to stand up to this mess.


Waterproof vinyl is, by far, the best value for pet owners. Why you’d need your floors to be waterproof is fairly obvious; you wouldn’t want to have to spend money and replace the floor if you forget to let Fido out one too many times. Vinyl flooring tends to be both budget friendly and tough. If you have a large, active dog that is always running about the house, its nails can do a number on more fragile hardwoods—hence the need for a stronger alternative.


Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile: Aesthetically Pleasing and Tough as Nails

Perhaps when you think of vinyl flooring, you think of tacky accents for mudrooms or laundromats. Today’s industries, however, have shifted to meet a demand for more natural-looking alternatives that complement modern decor. Brands such as Paramount and Metroflor have stepped up to create luxury vinyl plank and tile floorings that mimic the appearance of hardwood. Metroflor luxury vinyl, in particular, comes with odor-fighting technology and a specially designed surface that is resistant to the blunt scratching of dog nails.


Prefinished Hardwood Flooring: An Option for Cats

Being much calmer and more dignified than dogs, as well as taking naturally to the litter box, cats generally are gentler on floors. Though waterproof flooring is still ideal for the occasional mess, many cat owners can get away with solid prefinished hardwood flooring from brands such as Paramount. Cats have claws that retract when they walk—thus, declawed or not, your feline won’t beat up your floor as much as a dog. Provide scratching posts in excess if you are extremely worried.


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