July 29, 2019 2 min read

Have you considered solid hardwood flooring? Like, really considered it? The expense and maintenance requirements frequently scare potential buyers away, and it’s easy to write solid hardwood flooring off as an overly-expensive luxury fit for only a billion dollar home or business.


It’s true that hardwood flooring is an investment. It’s pricier than, say, waterproof flooring or luxury vinyl tile. However, if you take care of your investments they will repay you tenfold, and hardwood flooring is no exception to this rule.


Below, E Hardwoods & Flooring sheds some light on the subject of hardwood floors and why they’re a worthy investment of your time and money.

Hardwood Flooring is a Luxury that Inspires Pride

Generally speaking, having nice things makes a person want to take care of them. An expensive pair of leather shoes, for example, often leads a person to invest in leather softener and cleaner to fastidiously maintain them. They’re proud of those shoes; they worked hard to afford them, they’ll work hard to maintain them. As a result, those shoes will serve that person for decades and always look as spiffy as the day they came out of the box.


Investing in a solid hardwood flooring works in exactly the same way. Because solid hardwood flooring is so luxurious and long-lasting, the relatively high maintenance requirements become insignificant. In fact, these requirements often inspire homeowners and clients to take pride in their home or business, as expensive things often do.

Hardwood Flooring Lasts Forever

Out of all flooring options on the market—engineered hardwood flooring included—solid hardwood by far is the best choice in terms of longevity. When treated well, these floors can look their best for twenty-five years or more; they often do, with many lasting longer than a lifetime.


Therefore, in the long run, solid hardwood flooring can be an investment that pays off. A careful and attentive home or business owners can avoid flooring replacement costs for years. And, since solid hardwood flooring is a timeless design element, you’ll never need to update for purely aesthetic reasons.


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