August 15, 2022 2 min read

Waterproof flooring: it’s durable, low-maintenance, and gorgeous, no matter what it’s made to look like. And when you shop with E Hardwoods & Flooring, you know you’re getting the brands of vinyl flooring that best exemplify those qualities.

While the looks of this flooring type don’t affect its functionality, it can still be hard to pick between the two overarching categories of wood-look waterproof flooring and stone-look. When both are stately and aesthetically versatile, how can you decide what’s best for your project?

We’ve got your back. Below, you’ll find a few factors that can help you pick between these two equally-charming looks.

Is Your Room Warm-Colored or Cool-Colored?

First and foremost: you don’t have to commit entirely to a warm or cool colored space when it comes to interior design. You can and should use both sides of the color spectrum if the mood so strikes! As this article by Innovatus Design explains, “Mixing warm and cool colors in an interior helps to create a well-balanced space while injecting some color and personality.” 

That said, it’s important to note that many—but definitely not all—wood-look flooring tends towards the warmer side of things, while many—again, not all—stone-look floors lean towards cooler hues. Conscientious mixing of warm and cool tones, or firmly anchoring yourself on one side or the other, helps to pull a space together, so choose your flooring look accordingly.

Are Wood Floors Commonly Seen in Your Space?

Though waterproof flooring can make itself at home absolutely anywhere in terms of functionality, it’s critical to consider how it looks on top of how it works. Many homeowners, for instance, opt out of hardwood flooring in their bathrooms because they’re looking for something waterproof; as a result, stone-look or tile-look vinyl floors have become much more popular in this context than their counterparts.

Again, though, vinyl flooring can work in any room, but it’s worth considering what looks are commonly found in said room if you want to create a harmonious space.

Do you Want to Make the Space Look Bigger?

As we covered in our waterproof vinyl flooring blog, parallel planks of flooring have a way of making a space seem larger—quite the asset in traditionally cramped areas such as bathrooms or closets. Since stone-look waterproof flooring tends towards a more square appearance, you’d most likely be better off opting for wood-look vinyl plank flooring to open up a space and make it seem breezier; there are, though, tile options that achieve this effect quite well.

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