Casabella Riershore Warranty



Casabella® Floors provides a one (1) year Limited Warranty that the Luxury Vinyl product is free of any manufacturing defects. If such products are found to be defective, Casabella® Floors will repair or replace defective material at Casabella® Floors’ sole discretion, with new Casabella® Floors vinyl product of the same or similar style, size, color, grade and gauge. Casabella® Floors will pay reasonable labor costs if flooring was professionally installed. Products that were damaged in shipment, from improper handling or improper installation would not constitute a valid claim under this Limited Warranty. Casabella® Floors reserves the right to inspect any claim and request photographs and/or samples prior to approving suchclaim.


Casabella® Floors warrants that this product is free of visual defects. You and/or your installer should carefully inspect each piece prior to installation. Any pieces that appear to have defects should be set aside and should not be installed. Casabella® Floors will not be responsible for any claim for product installed with visual defects.


Casabella® Floors Luxury Vinyl is produced with a protective wear layer. Casabella® Floors warrants that there will be no wear-through of the wear layer for the amount of years indicated in the table below for each specific wear layer thickness, due to normal wear, traffic or recommended maintenance. “Wear-through” refers to complete loss of the wear layer so that the printed design layer is changed or affected.

This Limited Warranty only applies provided the recommended installation instructions and maintenance procedures are followed. For complete details on installation and maintenance. If product is found to be defective, Casabella® Floors will repair or replace defective product at Casabella® Floors’ sole discretion, with new Casabella® Floors products of the same or similar style, size, color, grade and gauge, and will pay reasonable labor cost if flooring was professionally installed.

• After corrective action is taken on an existing defect, you will continue to receive limited warranty coverage for the remaining period of your original limited warranty.

• Labor must be provided by a certified professional flooring installer, using the guidelines put forth by Casabella® Floors in the Installation and Maintenance instructions. The cost of replacement/ repair labor by a professional installer must be approved by the Casabella® Floors resolutions department and will be paid according to the following schedule:

o First Year at 100%, Second Year at 90% with an applicable percentage of 10% less each year, continuing until the 5th year. No labor will be paid after 5th year.

• Multifamily use of Wear Limited Warranty will be covered for units and common areas under the specific Commercial Warranty associated with the product.

To obtain a warranty claim form and/or information, you may call 1-800-979-7943 (Attention: Resolutions Department). Any claim under this Limited Warranty must include a Request For Evaluation form properly filled out and accompanied by a dated proof of purchase or invoice. THIS LIMITED WARRANTY GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS. YOU MAY HAVE OTHER RIGHTS THAT VARY FROM STATE TO STATE.


• Dissatisfaction due to improper installation ormaintenance.

• For products sold as “Do-It-Yourself” no labor costs will be provided as part of thiswarranty.

• Damages resulting from misuse or abuse including, but not limited to, scratches, cuts, burns, stains, indentation, improper or insufficient maintenance, use of steam cleaners, and lack of proper floorprotector.

• Floor products sold as irregulars or second quality are sold “asis.”

• Damages or failure of floor to adhere to subfloor resulting from excessive moisture, alkali and/ or hydrostatic pressure.

• Color variations between samples or printed illustrations and the actual productionruns.

• Discoloration due to use of rubber-backed mats, coco-fiber mats, solvent-based polishes or cleaners, or asphalt tracked in from driveways or parking lots.

• Reduction of gloss from use.

• Products sold through unauthorized internet dealers. To confirm authorization, contact Casabella® Floors at1-800-979-7943.

• Installation over plywood, gypcrete or othersimilar materialsthat have not been firstsealed with a product expressly approved by Casabella® Floors in writing prior to installation.

• Residential or Commercial installation with heavy wheeled vehicle traffic that permanently indents or damages theflooring.

• This limited warranty is not valid for any product purchased in the United States which is installed outside the United States. ANY PRODUCTS PURCHASED INTHE UNITEDSTATES THAT ARE INSTALLEDOUTSIDE THEUNITEDSTATESARE SOLDWITHOUTANY WARRANTY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED.

Casabella® Floors reserves the right to final judgment regarding the approval for any repair or replacement of Casabella® Floors product. This limited warranty is made solely to the original purchaser of Casabella® Floors Luxury Vinyl Flooring products and is not transferable under any circumstances. Limited warranty period begins on date of purchase. This limited warranty is expressly in lieu of any other expressed warranty whether oral or written. No representative, employee, or agent of Casabella® Floors Company, or any other person, is authorized to assume for Casabella® Floors any additional liability or responsibility in connection with Casabella® Floors products. Consequently, agents, employees, distributors, and dealers of Casabella® Floors are not authorized to make modifications to this limited warranty, or additional warranties on behalf of Casabella® Floors. Accordingly, additional statements such as dealer advertising or presentations, whether oral or written, do not constitute warranties by Casabella® Floors and should not be relied upon. IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY ARE LIMITED TO A PERIOD OF ONE YEAR FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE. SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW LIMITATIONS ON HOW LONG AN IMPLIED WARRANTY LASTS, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. IN ANY CASE, CASABELLA® FLOORS SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR INDIRECT OR OTHER DAMAGES ARISING FROM BREACH OF LIMITED WARRANTY, BREACH OF CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE OR OTHER LEGAL THEORY EVEN IF CASABELLA® FLOORS OR ITS AGENTS HAVE BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATIONOF INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE LIMITIATIONS OR EXCLUSIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. Casabella® Floors reserves the right to modify or change this warranty.