Hallmark NuOil Finish Hardwood Warranty

Hallmark Nu Oil® Warranty

For Indoor Use Only: Material is not suitable for outdoor use.

Pre-Installation Warranty: Before leaving the factory each Hallmark Floors, hardwood floor is carefully inspected, and shipped in sealed packaging to keep the product stable. We require inspection of the material prior to installation. It is imperative that the homeowner look at the material to determine whether the color and appearance of the floor are what they expected. Any boards that are defective should be set aside and they will be replaced. Any boards that are determined to be within grading specifications will not be eligible for replacement. Wood materials have inherent character that cannot always be fully viewed in a display sample or hand set. Samples exposed to ultra violet light can also experience subtle changes.

Inspect all materials carefully prior to installation. Warranties do not cover materials with visible defects once they are installed. Installation constitutes acceptance.

NOTE: Organic Solid & Engineered 5 6 7 are textured prior to drying, to achieve the true look of reclaimed. As such the edges will have height variations just like material reclaimed from an old building. Height variation from plank to plank is an inherent part of the rough sawn nature of reclaimed, which Hallmark floors emulates in our manufacturing process. This is not considered to be a defect.

Residential Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty: Hallmark Floors warrants that the floorboards will remain free from manufacturing defects providing that all installation, maintenance & environmental control requirements have been met, and the original purchaser owns and occupies the home. In the unlikely event that any manufacturing related defects occur, Hallmark floors will authorize the repair of any defective planks, or should we determine that the floor is unrepairable, to offer a refund (our option) The factory warranties apply only to the original owner and are non-transferable.

Residential Limited Lifetime Finish Warranties: Nu Oil® hybrid multi-layer oil finish in residential settings are guaranteed for the lifetime of original owner (non-transferable). All maintenance requirements must be met for warranty to apply. Use of maintenance products other than Hallmark Nu Oil® maintenance products will invalidate the finish warranty. Any wear through must exceed 10% of total floor for warranty to apply. See exclusions to warranty regarding potential finish issues not covered under lifetime warranty.

Commercial Warranties: 3 year Finish Warranty 10 year Structural Warranty

Claims Administration: In the unlikely event that any aspect of the plank proves defective, Hallmark Floors will repair, or replace, the failed planks of your floor (our option). Should total replacement be required, Hallmark Floors Inc. will replace the floor one time only, or offer refund (our option).

After a one time replacement, or refund (our option) Hallmark Floors’ warranty obligations will be complete and no farther warranties will be offered. If a claim needs to be started, an inspection by the retailer is required, and a Dealer Inspection Report filed with our local distributor.

Should the retailer be unable to resolve the concerns a follow-up inspection will be conducted by the Hallmark Regional Distributor.

Radiant Heat Warranty: It is critical that the floor be installed to Hallmark Floors’ specifications. The surface temperature of the floor should not exceed 80°F 27°C. Relative humidity should be maintained at between 30 to 55%. Hydronic, water-based systems must be used (see installation instructions and radiant heat guide for greater detail). Use of electric mat systems is not authorized. Installation with radiant heat should be performed using the floating or glue down installation method.

Products Excluded from Radiant Heat Warranty: All Hickory, and Solid products, Exotics (Brazilian Cherry and Sucupira).

This warranty is limited to residential use and does not apply to industrial or commercial use. When unauthorized maintenance products are used or when wet mopping occurs, the warranty becomes void. If any product is abused, improperly installed (see installation instructions), or damaged by moisture intrusion, plumbing leaks, insects, building defects, floods, or circumstances beyond our control the warranty is no longer valid. Hallmark Floors will not be responsible for any special, incidental, or consequential damages including inconvenience or loss of time.

This warranty applies to all Hallmark Floors Hardwood Flooring products purchased after February 15, 2019. It is valid for the original purchaser/resident only and is nontransferable. No agent, dealer, fabricator, installer, or employee of Hallmark Floors Inc., is authorized to alter or increase the terms, limitations, or obligations of this warranty. In the event that warranty service is required, please contact your original Hallmark Floors retailer to arrange an evaluation of the floor. Should further evaluation be needed your retailer will need to contact the local distributor to begin the warranty process. The local distributor will forward the inspection report to Hallmark Floors Inc. for review. This warranty shall be governed by the laws of the state of California, and any applicable federal laws of the United States. Any action brought seeking the resolution of, any controversy arising out of, or relating to any warranties referenced herein, shall be brought in the courts of the state of California, County of San Bernardino.

Exclusions to Warranties

1. Staining: Nu Oil® finish is highly resistant to surface stains. When installed in kitchens the floor should be monitored to ensure the finish is properly maintained, and not affected by excessive amounts of oily spills. When oil stains occur they can be removed with Hallmark Floors, Nu Oil® Restoration Oil. If floor is reacting to oil stains, it is an indicator that the surface requires the application of additional coat/coats of oil (one to two coats).

2. Mineral Stains: Hard water can leave surface stains on an oil finished floor. Mineral stains can generally be removed with Nu Oil® Natural Oil Cleaner. For stubborn mineral stains Restoration Oil can be used on a board by board basis, following instructions for use of Restoration Oil (available on Hallmark Floors website). If staining is persistent additional coats of Restoration Oil should be applied to make the floor more resistant to surface staining.

3. Color Variation: Wood is a natural product and will vary in color and grain appearance from board to board, and from batch to batch. This is considered a natural aspect of the product.

4. Color Changes/Patina: Changes will occur when wood is exposed to UV rays from sunlight, florescent, LED, and incandescent bulbs. Window coverings, UV resistant tint, solar screens can minimize but not eliminate this natural occurrence.

The reaction varies by color and species. Air exposure also creates another natural process called oxidation. The two effects are what furniture and cabinet manufacturers refer to as patina, and a natural process of wood aging.

5. Squeaky Floors / Objectionable Noises: Squeaks, snaps, crackles, pops are related to movement of the floor. This is related to incorrect installation methods, environmental or structural issues, not related to the wood floor. Subsequent squeaking / objectionable noises are not considered to be a defect and not covered under this warranty.

6. Boards containing “defects”: See pre-installation warranty.

7. Improper Maintenance: Full compliance with maintenance instructions is required. Hallmark Nu Oil® Floor cleaner and Hallmark Nu Oil® ReNu must be used as directed.

• Steam cleaners will damage the floor and invalidate the warranty.

• Power brush attachments and upright vacuums with power brushes will damage the floor and potentially remove finish, and wood fiber from grain of the floor, invalidating the warranty.

• Robotic vacuums contain power brushes that can leave micro-scratches on the surface of a hardwood floor. Subsequent damage is not covered under warranty.

8. Gloss Levels and Color Variation: Wood is a natural product, color and gloss level can vary from board to board and batch to batch. Materials purchased at separate times or production dates are prone to color and gloss differences and not considered to be a product defect.

9. Improper Installation: Failure to follow installation instructions will invalidate the warranty. Cabinets and built in appliances should be installed prior to the installation of the hardwood floor. Cabinets and built in appliances should not be installed on top of the wood floor. Hardwood flooring should be installed at the same time as carpet after finishing walls, cabinet installation, appliance installation, tile and countertop installation.

NOTE CABINETS: In the event that cabinets are installed on top of wood floors, product warranty remains in effect (glue or nail down). However, in the unlikely event that the floor experiences product related problems, Hallmark Floors will not pay for the removal or re-installation of cabinets and countertops, since installing them on top of the floor is not considered best practice by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA installation instructions & Hallmark Floors installation instructions). Installation of cabinets on top of a wood floor inhibits the floors ability to expand / contract, and can potentially cause squeaking/ objectionable noises in the floor.

Never install cabinets on top of a floating wood floor.

10. Moisture Damage: Damage created by moisture (originating from any source), structural, improper maintenance, plumbing, flood, etc., is excluded from warranty.

11. Adverse Usage / Resultant Surface Scratching & Denting: Sharp objects, sand, gravel, or other abrasive material, loss of sheen, scratches, high heels, dents caused by unprotected chair/furniture legs (absence of recommended furniture glides), pet urine, vomit, or pet claw damage is excluded from this warranty.

NOTE: Use of hardwood flooring in laundry rooms and full bathrooms is not recommended. When moving appliances use proper appliance dolly’s, glides, or 1/8” Masonite on the floor shiny side down. Rolling appliances directly across the floor will damage the hardwood floor.

12. High Traffic Areas: High traffic areas may experience finish wear through. More than 10% of the total surface area must be affected for the Residential and Commercial Finish Warranties to apply. Please note scratches are not covered under warranty.

13. Damage caused by improper environment and/or lack of environmental control: Wood is a product of nature. As a natural material, it will expand and contract as it gains and loses moisture. Some gaps between the boards during low-humidity seasons are normal and not considered a defect.

Maintaining optimum humidity levels of 30 to 55% will minimize these occurrences. Allowing relative humidity levels to fall below 30% can result in structural damage to the floor such as large gaps, splits in the surface, distortion of the boards and structural failure. Humidity levels above 55% can result in surface warping and structural failure of the boards.

Direct, unfiltered sunlight exposure is damaging to a wood floor. The impact of sunlight on a floor will overheat the surface of the wood floor. The high level of heat generated by the solar energy will cause excessive drying of the wood leading to structural damage to the floor Direct unfiltered sunlight will accelerate color change in a floor.

This warranty does not cover splits, cupping, delaminating, and/or crowning when relative humidity of less than 30% (less than 6% EMC) or above 55% (more than 12% EMC) occurs. If environmental conditions cannot be maintained, whole house humidification or dehumidification system/systems need to be added to HVAC system to ensure proper floor performance.

Many parts of the country suffer from climate that take homes outside of the 30 to 55% range. In these cases the climate control system can be modified to keep the environmental conditions within a proper controlled range.

Other industries using wood have accepted humidity norms for best performance as well. Guitars 40- 60% pianos 40-50%, wood furniture 35-55%, kitchen cabinets & finish carpentry 30-50%. The NWFA National Wood Flooring Association recommends 30-50%.

NOTE: Wood is HYGROSCOPIC and will absorb and release water. Properties change depending on moisture content.. Once understood wood is no longer a mystery, and its physical behaviors become predictable.

14. Environmental Control Humid Conditions: Humidity control is usually provided by air conditioning. In some cases a whole house dehumidifier can help the air conditioner operate more efficiently.

• Humid Conditions: Humidity control is usually provided by air conditioning. In some cases a whole house dehumidifier can help the air conditioner operate more efficiently.

• Dry Conditions: The most efficient method of adding humidity is to add a whole house humidifier to the HVAC system. For homes that do not have HVAC other wall mounted options can provide the added humidity for optimum performance of all wood products in home.

NOTE: The amount of humidity required for the average household in areas with dry climate conditions cannot be met by using portable humidifiers.

15. Optional Adverse Conditions Warning System: It is possible at the time of install to place a device in the floor that will warn the consumer when the floor is getting too dry or damp. It logs the data from the floor and the indoor environment continuously. It is installed within the floor at time of installation.

Hallmark Floors not require Fidbox as a term of warranty but highly recommends its use. Fidbox is a data logging device that is commonly used worldwide. The device is Blue Tooth connected, and the consumer can track the condition of the floor. This gives the consumer the ultimate in control of the indoor environment. It is like a check engine light that can warn of pending trouble. Then adjustments can easily be made to the climate control to prevent damage to the floor.

16. Unoccupied Homes: Homes left without climate control on are subject to extreme environmental conditions that will damage a wood floor. A home left unoccupied, without proper climate control invalidates the warranty.

17. Internet / Long Distance Purchases: Hallmark Floors does not warrant product purchased on the internet, or outside a serviceable driving distance from the store of purchase. Only product purchased from an authorized displaying dealer, and serviced locally will be covered under warranty. Any claim must be accompanied by an original dealer invoice and original dealer inspection report. Inspection to be conducted by the owner or direct employee of the selling dealer. Third party inspection reports will not be accepted. NOTE: See Hallmark Floors website for full internet selling policy at www.hallmarkfloors.com.

Maintenance Guide

Nu Oil® & Nu Oil® Super Matte Finish.

Register your new floor: This can be done on our website or by using this link, https://hallmarkfloors. com/product-registration-form/ We will send you a complementary bottle of Nu Oil® Natural Oil Cleaner to get you started with the right maintenance product.

1. Use Hallmark Nu Oil® Natural Oil Cleaner and Nu Oil® ReNu® Exclusively: These products are designed to clean and maintain the hybrid Nu Oil® Finish.

2. Do not use unauthorized maintenance products: Such as oil soaps, paste wax, or other cleaners containing , lemon oil, citrus oils, Tung oils, ammonia, or cleaners containing silicone. Do not use two in one cleaners that contain acrylics or urethane polish to restore gloss. Use of these products invalidates the product warranty.

3. Use Hallmark ReNu®–For shine retention, traffic patterns and minor surface scratches. Please note scratches are not covered under warranty.

4. Pets:Keep nails well trimmed and paws free of dirt, gravel, grease, oil, and other staining agents. Wipe up animal urine or vomit immediately as they can damage the floor.

5. Regular Maintenance Dust Removal: Hallmark Floors Hardwood products finished with Nu Oil® Hardwood flooring is a good choice for healthy indoor living. Dust and allergens are easily removed with canister vacuum and soft brush attachment (do not use vacuums with power brush as the power brushes damage a wood floor).

Removal of dust and grit with regular vacuuming removes these abrasive agents for good long term performance of the floor. The soft brush should be replaced as needed to prevent scratching of the floor. Perform as needed (average in normal household is weekly)

Bissel Hardwood Floor Broom (natural horsehair) or equivalent acceptable. Untreated dust mop also acceptable.

NOTE: Do not use treated commercial dust-mop or treated dust pads of any kind as they contain chemicals and solvents that will leave a chemical residue on the floor.

6. Clean Up All Spills: Spills can be cleaned up with a moistened, well wrung out soft cloth or sponge. Once the spill is removed, spray Hallmark Floors’ Nu Oil® Cleaner on clean, moist, towel to remove all remaining residue. All spills must be cleaned up immediately to prevent damage to the floor

7. Shake spray bottle NuOil® Natural Oil Cleaner: Before use, gently shake the bottle to make sure the natural oils and cleaning agents are well mixed. (30 seconds avg.)

8. Regular Cleaning: Follow the instructions on the bottle of Hallmark Natural Oil Cleaner. The cleaner can be sprayed on the head of the Micro Fiber Mop to moisten then directly to the floor in a fine mist. This mop system consists of a micro fiber applicator head. The micro fiber mop head must be moistened with cleaner prior to cleaning floor.

9. Wipe the Surface with Micro Fiber Mop: Rub micro fiber mop in the direction of the grain. When the applicator is showing dirt replace with a clean one as needed and launder micro fiber mop heads after every use.

EXAMPLE: Micro Fiber Mop, Cleaning Micro Fiber Pad & Optional Micro Fiber Dust Mop.

10. No Wet Mopping/Steam Cleaners: Do not use string mops, sponge mops, or steam cleaners to clean a Hallmark Floors floor. NO STEAM CLEANERS NO WET MOPS

11. Dent/Scratch Prevention: Poly Propylene (Olefin) Cloth glides must be applied to chair and furniture legs. Do not use rubber, plastic, or metal glides. Double barrel coaster wheels should replace hard rubber or metal wheels. Available at Amazon or EZ glide websites.

12. High Heel Shoes: High-heel shoes can damage a hardwood floor. It is important to keep the tips in good repair.

WHICH PUTS GREATER FORCE ON A FLOOR? NOTE: The indentation rating of red oak is 1200 PSI. When the tip is missing from the heel a force of 6 – 8000 PSI can be produced.

The amount of force generated by high heel impact can match the force generated by a hammer and nail! 8,000 PSI can damage concrete, tile, and plate steel. Caution must be exercised with high heels in relation to hardwood floors.

13. High-Traffic Areas: To minimize scuffing, scratching, and staining some additional precautions can be taken. Place area rugs in front of sink and stove to catch spills.

14. Walk off Mats: Place walk off mats both inside and outside of exterior doors, to minimize amount of dirt being tracked onto the wood surface.

15. Rug Backers & Pads: Rugs with solid vinyl / flexible backs should not be used as they cannot breath, and could discolor or make the surface of the floor more slippery. Jute/raw back rugs can scratch a floor unless a rug pad is in place underneath. Pads containing PVC can damage floor finishes. Bonding agents in PVC pads can off-gas and damage the finish.

Super-Lock Natural, Rug Pro, Natures Grip, & Anchor Grip are available at RugPad USA, and can be purchased online at rugpadusa.com or call at 800 565-6011.

Hallmark Floors does not warrant the RugPad USA product, but their products have been tested for suitability of use, and to be free of PVC and ortho phthalates.

16. Desk Chairs: Chairs with double barrel wheels must be used. A clear floor protector mat must be used in combination with the proper wheels. Chair pad must have a smooth bottom. No pads with barbed bottoms are to be used.

17. Moving Kitchen Appliances (StovesRanges /Dishwashers): A sheet of Masonite/ hardboard (shinny side down, rough side up) should be placed on the floor. Shinny side down will avoid scratching the floor.

A. Lift front of appliance.

B. Insert edge of Masonite / hardboard (shiny side down) under the front of the appliance. High impact plastic sheet such as Scuff Shield can be used. Do not use cardboard, plasticfilm, etc.

C. Standing on top of Masonite-Hardboard/Scuff Shield pull appliance onto the Masonite-Hardboard/ Scuff Shield. Do not slide loaded sheet across the floor with appliance on top. The purpose of standing on sheet while moving appliance is prevent hardboard Scuff Shield movement and damage to floor.

18. Moving Kitchen Appliances (Refrigerators): When moving appliances use proper appliance dolly’s. Rolling appliances directly across the floor will damage the hardwood floor. Refrigerator wheels are generally about 1” in diameter. When factoring the weight of the refrigerator the force at the wheels can amount to thousands of pounds per sq. Inch. As the refrigerator is moved this can create dent trails in the wood floor. To prevent such damage use Glide N Guard protectors. These glides are widely available on line for between $20. and $30. 

Preserving Nu Oil® Surface

Please note scratches are not covered under warranty.

1. Use Nu Oil® Natural Cleaner Exclusively: This product is designed to preserve and feed the oil finish. It contains natural oils and cleaners and is a vital part keeping the finish fresh.

2. Apply ReNu When Needed: The recommendation is every 3 to 4 months or more, as needed. If traffic patterns or dullness occurs on the surface, it is time to apply ReNu to the surface. Waiting too long can lead to excessive wear in the finish and compromise the finish.

Preparation for Nu Oil® ReNu

1. Vacuum and clean surface.

2. As needed or every four months.

3. Remove Rugs & Small Furniture from Room or Simply Apply to Traffic Areas: In preparation or application of ReNu you may wish to remove and area rugs from the room. Larger furniture pieces can be left in place. Rugs can be put back in place 4 hours after application of ReNu. Or simply apply to traffic areas.

4. Clean floor with Nu Oil® Natural Cleaner: In preparation for application of ReNu.

5. Gently Shake ReNu for 30 Seconds.

6. Mist ReNu onto Floor: Using enough renew to keep applicator wet. Spread ReNu the direction of the grain (length of board) applying a thin film of ReNu on the surface. Use small amounts at first to become accustomed to the product. Rub product in with applicator pad or if you wish with a clean white terry cloth towel. A second coat can be added if desired after two hours. CAUTION: Excessive use of ReNu can make the surface of the floor tacky.

7. Allow the floor to thoroughly dry: ReNu is generally dry enough to walk on in one hour. ReNu is generally completely dry within 4 hours. Do not place area rugs on floor until completely dry.

8. Resting Rags or Pads: If a pause is needed during applications place applicator pads or towels on a small sheet of clean cardboard to prevent over soaking an area and leaving a thick spot.

9. Three to four times per year (as needed) the traffic areas can be treated with ReNu, without moving furniture. If any lap marks are left between the treated and untreated areas, simply apply Nu Oil® Natural Oil Cleaner and rub out the lap mark with a white terry towel.

10. Once a year (optional) It is possible to move all furniture to one side of the room, apply ReNu and move back one hour later.

Restoring Nu Oil®

Every two to five years, or as needed, an additional coat of oil should be added to reinforce the factory Nu Oil® Finish. Hallmark Floors Nu Oil® Restoration Oil is designed to bring the floor back to original factory specs

If Nu Oil® is not properly cared for, a coat of Restoration Oil may be required much sooner than three to five years. Failure to maintain humidity levels, use of improper cleaners, heavy wear from dirt and dust on the surface open up the surface of the floor and Restoration Oil becomes a necessity. Use of harsh solvents, and covering the floor with abrasive coverings also contribute to early restoration being necessary.

For more information see Nu Oil® Restoration Oil application instructions. Minor repairs and spot removal can be done by a homeowner, but proper disposal methods of all materials used to apply the product must be followed. For extensive renovation a professional floor finishing person should be used.


• Kitchens may require a coat as early as 6 months after installation, due to amount of traffic, moisture, and staining agents.

• If the floor is covered during construction and other trades work on top of the floor, a coat needs to be applied immediately after removal of the paper/cardboard. Moisture and resulting high humidity along with the abrasive nature of paper and cardboard compromise the finish.

Stain Removal

Oil based agents such as cooking grease or oil that are left on the surface can penetrate an oil finish. The good news is these can be removed. Hot boiling oils or fats can be hot enough to scorch the wood. Burn marks cannot be removed using Restoration Oil.

In low humidity areas the surface of the finish can become more porous, requiring additional coats of Restoration Oil be applied. Incorrect maintenance products, and installing the floor too early (even if covered) require that the floor receive an additional coat or two of oil.

If floor is prone to staining, stains should be removed and one to two coats of Restoration Oil should be applied.

• Tape off surrounding boards to avoid lap marks onto adjoining planks. Use Scotch Blue Painters Tape – for delicate surfaces #2080.

• Pour a very thin bead of Restoration on the stain; very little is required. Allow to sit on stain for 2 minutes. Gently rub the Scotch Brite Pad the direction of the grain to break up stain and pull it to the surface. May need a second attempt to remove or a more aggressive pad and or firmer pressure should be used.

• Wipe up excess oil to remove stain and make sure an even coat of oil is on the board.

• Depending on the size of the stain mild to aggressive pads will be required.

• Blue Non-Scratch Scotch Brite Pad: For light stains

• Green Heavy-Duty Scotch Brite Pad: For moderate stains

• Purple Extreme Duty Scotch Brite Pad: For stubborn deep-set stains.

CAUTION: Restoration Oil is combustible and care must be exercised in the handling and disposal of all applicators and other material used in the application of Restoration Oil. See Restoration Application Instructions for all the details pertaining to the use of Restoration Oil.


Finish touch up kits are available for all colors of Hallmark Floors Hardwood Flooring products. They can be ordered from your Hallmark Floors retailer.

Expansion & Contraction: Although crossengineered hardwood floors are much more dimensionally stable than solid hardwood floors, there are a few things to remember. As a product of nature, wood reacts to changes in temperature and humidity. Small gaps between planks are a normal occurrence with changes in relative humidity. These gaps are seasonal and show up primarily in the winter when cold temperatures lower the relative humidity in the air. Hardwood flooring performs best at relative humidity rates between 30 and 55% and temperatures between 50 and 80°F. Failure to properly control the environment can lead to significant damage to a hardwood floor.

When using Organic Solid, more traditional methods of material acclimation apply. Experts from the cabinet, musical instrument, furniture, and wood flooring industries all agree that humidity control is vital to product performance, and to prevent damage to the wood.