Metroflor Engage Genesis Warranty

Products & Coverage

Metroflor warrants that its Engage Genesis® flooring will be free from manufacturing defects and, under normal use and maintenance, will not wear, fade or stain resulting in loss of originalpattern and color, and the structural integrity of the flooring itself will not be materially damaged by water exposure, for a specified length of time from the date of purchase as set forth in the ’Warranty Coverage/Periods’ Chart on the right. This Limited Warranty only applies provided the flooring covered by this warranty is installed and maintained according to the Engage Genesis Installation Manual.

Pet Proof

Metroflor warrants that Engage Genesis flooring will resist staining caused by domestic pets (cats or dogs), including urine, feces, and vomit. Stain resistance means the ability of Engage Genesis to resist (minimize or withstand) permanent stains for the duration of the residential warranty period, so long as the original, resident homeowner maintains ownership of the flooring during that period (i.e. coverage is non-transferable).

Cleaning of the affected area should begin immediately upon discovery, as any stain becomes more difficult to remove the longer it remains on Engage Genesis flooring.


Metroflor warrants that its flooring is free of visual defects. You and/or your installer should carefully inspect each piece before installation. Any pieces that appear to have defects should not be installed. Metroflor will not be responsible for any claim for flooring installed with visual defects.


This Limited Warranty covers materials and fair market-value labor if professional installation was paid for when the flooring was originally installed, provided that such flooring is installed according to the Engage Genesis Installation Manual. This Manual is revised periodically and floors must be installed according to the current Manual at the time of installation. Please check for the current Manual.


Metroflor reserves the right to repair any flooring and/or to use its own source to obtain an installer for replacement flooring. If Metroflor repairs or replaces any flooring as a result of a warranty claim, you will be required to clear, at your own expense, any items placed over the affected areas subsequent to the original installation. In the event that Metroflor repairs or replaces any flooring covered under this Limited Warranty, this Limited Warranty shall remain in effect with respect to such flooring for a period limited to the remaining eligible duration of the original Limited Warranty.

Terms for Warranty

If a defect covered by this Limited Warranty is found within the warranty period and reported in writing to the merchant from which the flooring was purchased, Metroflor will supply new flooring material of similar color, pattern and quality to replace the defective area. Metroflor will also pay fair market-value labor if professional installation was paid for when the flooring was originally installed. Labor costs will not be covered if professional installation was not paid for when the flooring was originally installed.

In case of questions regarding the terms of this Limited Warranty, contact Metroflor Customer Service at (888) 235-6672. Metroflor reserves the right to inspect any flooring, request samples, secure photographs or any other information as may be required to ascertain the nature of any claim under this Limited Warranty.


The following are not covered by this Limited Warranty:

  • Dissatisfaction or damage due to improper installation or maintenance, including use of improper cleaning solutions or finishes, unevenness or irregularities. Refer to the Engage Genesis Installation Manual for more details.
  • Damage caused by fire, burns, abuse, flooding, spills, scratches, abrasive scouring pads, scuffing, staining, construction or installation.
  • Damage caused by vacuum cleaner beater bar, indentations or damage caused by spiked heeled shoes, improper rolling loads, caster wheels, chairs or other furniture without proper floor protectors and cuts from sharp objects.

• Changes in color or sheen from exposure to sunlight or due to use of rubber-backed mats.

• Exterior applications.

• Loss of gloss

Warranted Products

Warranty Coverage / Periods

Manufacturing Defect, Wear, Fade, Stain, and Water Damage*



Group A

Limited Lifetime

15 Years

Group B

25 Years

10 Years

Group C

15 Years

5 Years Light*

Group D

10 Years

5 Years Light*


DEFINITIONS / To Be Covered:

“Wear“ must be through the wear layer to the degree that the printed pattern is affected or altered.

“Fade“ must be to the degree that the floor is permanently discolored.

“Stain“ must be from normal household cleaning agents, chemicals or routine care & maintenance.

“Water Damage” covers structural-integrity damage to the flooring itself after water exposure in standard conditions (does not cover flooding).


“Group A” (Limited Lifetime Residential / 15-Years Commercial)

Engage Genesis 2000 Series Products

“Group B” (25-Years Residential / 10-Years Commercial)

Engage Genesis 1200 Series Products

“Group C” (15-Years Residential / 5-Years Light Commercial*)

Engage Genesis 800 Series Products

“Group D” (10-Years Residential / 5-Years Light Commercial*)

Engage Genesis 600 Series Products

*For light commercial environments such as private offices, common areas in multiunit dwellings, reception areas and public buildings or businesses which are not subject to frequent and harsh traffic.

All products sold via the Internet are not covered per the warranty periods set out above, but rather come with a 1-Year Warranty only against Manufacturing Defect, Wear, Fade, Stain, and Water Damage, as defined herein.

  • Minor shading, color or texture differences between samples or printed color photographs or illustrations and delivered product.
  • Flooring sold as irregulars or trial grade materials or “as is”.
  • This flooring should not be used to seal an existing floor from moisture, it is a floating floor which is waterproof, but this flooring cannot prevent problems associated with or caused by flooding, excessive moisture or alkalis in the subfloor or conditions arising from hydrostatic pressure.
  • Ultra-Fresh® has been added to the flooring surface and underlayment (in the case of those Engage Genesis products that include an underlayment) to help protect the flooring article by inhibiting the growth of odor and stain-causing mold and mildew. This protection does not extend to surrounding surfaces.
  • This Limited Warranty is void if, prior to installation in commercial and light commercial applications, this flooring is not acclimated to room temperature (between 50°F and 100°F / 10°C and 38°C) at job site for a minimum of 48 hours and, if post-installation (in all applications except for residential, enclosed 3-season rooms that are 500 sq.ft. or less in size per room) such flooring is not continuously maintained at such temperatures. Installation of Engage Genesis is permitted in residential, enclosed 3-season rooms that are 500 sq.ft. or less in size per room. Installation must occur at room temperature (between 50°F and 100°F /10°C and 38°C) and follow all other requirements set forth within the “Three-Season Rooms”section of the Engage Genesis Installation Manual. Failure to comply with these requirement will void this Limited Warranty.
  • Only installation techniques described in the Engage Genesis Installation Manual are warranted. Metroflor does not warrant Engage Genesis installations involving custom cutting, such as 45-degree mitered corners and serpentine edges. Metroflor warrants glue-down installations of Engage Genesis in residential applications (only), provided that Prevail® 3500 Hard-Set Adhesive is used and all other requirements for glue-down installations set forth in the Engage Genesis Installation Manual are followed. The use of any other (Prevail) adhesive and/or failure to follow these requirements will void this Limited Warranty.
  • Flooring sold via the internet after the 1-year warranty period, as set forth above.
  • Loss due to loss of time, inconvenience, incidental expenses (such as telephone calls, labor and/or materials) incurred in the removal or reinstallation of the affected material, and any other incidental or consequential damages.

Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so that the above limitations and exclusions may not apply. Your Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other legal rights, which vary from state to state.

This Limited Warranty is in lieu of any other warranties, expressed or implied. Please keep your receipt or obtain it from the original purchaser. Metroflor requires the receipt in order to verify date of purchase to help resolve any problems

Warranty Owner

This Limited Warranty applies only to the original purchaser and the original installation site and is not transferable and, with respect to the residential warranty, applies only to a residenthomeowner. Claims under this Limited Warranty must be made in writing to the following address:

Engage Genesis Warranty Department

Metroflor Corporation

119 Thomas Street

Calhoun, GA 30701


Although ENGAGE GENESIS floors are durable, all floor coverings require some care to look their best and many problems can be prevented before they occur. The type and frequency of traffic on your floor will determine the frequency of maintenance needed. The type of floor and even the color will also have some bearing on how much care may be necessary. For example, solid color floors will visually show scuffs, scratches, dirt and general wear to a greater degree than multi-colors of chips or patterns. Of course, white or light colors will visually show staining to a greater degree than darker colors. For this reason, solid color and white floors should receive special attention in regard to preventative maintenance and the amount of care provided. Good judgment when choosing the type and style of floor will help prevent maintenance problems before the floor is even installed!

Here are the proper steps for protecting and maintaining your ENGAGE GENESIS floor:

In order to prevent indentations and scratches, provide glass, plastic, felt, or other non-staining cups with flat under surfaces not less than 2" in width for the legs of heavy furniture or appliances. Equip swivel-type office chairs and other rolling furniture with broad surface non-staining casters at least 2" in diameter. Remove small diameter buttons from the legs of straight chairs and replace with metal glides that have bearing surfaces no less than 1" in diameter.

Protect your floor against burns. Burns from the glowing end of cigarettes, matches, or other extremely hot items can damage ENGAGE GENESIS floors.

Do not flood floor or subject to frequent standing water. Problems associated with excessive moisture can affect the job site and should be addressed. ENGAGE GENESIS plank and tile should not be used as a Moisture Reduction System.

Protect your floor from tracked-in dirt and grit particles by using walk-off mats at all outside entrances. Take time to remove any imbedded grit particles from shoe soles before entering the room. Avoid the use of rubber-backed mats, as certain rubber compounds can permanently stain the vinyl surface. Avoid tracking-in tar or asphalt from driveways, as this can also discolor the vinyl surface. Do not use vinegar, one-step cleaner/polishes or oil soaps on ENGAGE GENESIS products.

All ENGAGE GENESIS floors have a good resistance to stains and are not affected by most common household spills. However, any spill should be cleaned up immediately. The longer the spilled materials are left on the floor, the greater the risk of permanently staining the floor. For information regarding the proper method or solution to use on a specific stain, contact Metroflor Customer Service at (888) 235-6672.

Do not expose ENGAGE GENESIS floors to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. The use of drapes or blinds is recommended during peak sunlight hours. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can result in discoloration, and excessive temperatures might cause tile / plank expansion or delamination.

Regular adherence to an effective maintenance program should include:

Thorough dirt and grit regulation, prompt removal of spills and stains, and taking measures to protect the floor's surface from heavy furniture, appliances, and other such items (as detailed, above).

The most effective part of any floor maintenance program is the simplest: sweep, dust mop or vacuum ENGAGE GENESIS flooring DAILY, or more frequently if needed.

Initial Maintenance Upon Completion of the Installation:

Sweep or vacuum without using the “beater bar” to thoroughly remove dust and debris.

Lightly damp mop with Prevail Neutral Cleaner following instructions on the bottle.

Remove any scuffs and excessive soil by careful scrubbing.

Certain types of rubber heel marks may be removed by rubbing with a cloth dampened with mineral spirits.

Stain Removal:

To remove stubborn spots or stains from ENGAGE GENESIS floors, always begin with mild cleaners, such as Prevail Neutral Cleaner. If this fails to remove the spot or stain, then use mineral spirits. Do not use harsh solvents, such as lacquer thinner or straight acetone, as these can permanently soften and damage the vinyl surface. For extreme staining (paints, permanent markers, dyes) try applying fingernail polish remover containing acetone (not straight acetone) applied to a soft cloth and rubbing the affected area. Subsequent to this cleaning procedure for stubborn spots and stains, clean the affected area with fresh, clear water to remove any residue. Any damage resulting from use of pure solvents IS NOT covered by this Limited Warranty. Always test stronger cleaning agents on sample pieces or in unnoticeable areas first.


Routine Commercial Maintenance:

ENGAGE GENESIS floors have excellent durability and a history of performing well in commercial installations, as long as a sound maintenance program is followed. Light, daily sweeping, dust mopping or vacuuming without the “beater bar” will prevent dirt and grit particles from being ground into the surface of the plank or tile. Non-rubber, walk-off mats should be used to control the amount of dirt and grit reaching the floor. The mats should be as wide as the doorway and thick enough to trap dirt. Frequent light mopping will prevent the floor from becoming heavily soiled and will remove most spills and stains. The amount and type of traffic will dictate the frequency of washing. Wash the floor by damp mopping with Prevail Neutral Cleaner diluted with warm water following instructions on the bottle.

If the floor receives hard use and becomes extremely dirty, as in heavy-traffic commercial installations, an occasional scrubbing may be necessary. This can be accomplished by using a low-speed buffer with a red scrubbing-polyester or nylon pad. Spray the floor with diluted Prevail Neutral Cleaner and work the solution over the floor using the buffer and the scrubbing pad. Once this is accomplished, remove the dirty residue by damp mopping with fresh, clear water or with a wet-vacuum.

Thank you for purchasing ENGAGE GENESIS flooring. If you have further questions, please call us at (888) 235-6672.