December 14, 2022 3 min read

So you live in a particularly humid state, or perhaps your home, due to the way it is built, has historically had problems with high humidity levels and mold. Though you’ve worked hard to solve this problem, perhaps you’re still nervous about upgrading or renovating your flooring. Maybe you’ve had to replace your old flooring due to humidity issues, and even though your air quality is much better now, you’re still concerned the very same thing could happen again.

Here at E Hardwoods, we understand your concern. Flooring is quite an expensive investment, after all. However, we also know that you need not be worried about humidity damage as far as your flooring goes, should you choose the right kind from us.

Below, we discuss in detail the best types of flooring for historically humid households.

Waterproof Wood-Look Flooring

Waterproof vinyl flooring is just as the name implies: completely waterproof. Its synthetic composition means that it’s impervious to cupping or warping due to changing humidity levels. It’s for this reason that waterproof flooring is, hands down, the ultimate choice for households that struggle with humidity.

Many people associate vinyl flooring with compromising on aesthetics for functionality, but this doesn’t have to be the case! Many luxury vinyl flooring brands from E Hardwoods are made to mimic the natural look of wood, stone, and other high-end flooring types, and they come in countless colors and styles. You can even buy this type of flooring in plank or tile formats, which lends an even more authentic look to your renovations. As a bonus, you can count that our luxury vinyl products will stand up to heavy foot traffic, and they’re a cinch to clean. Just wipe up spills right after they occur, and your luxury vinyl plank or tile will be left looking good as new.

More Benefits Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

If you want a versatile and durable option, luxury vinyl flooring works exceptionally well. Luxury vinyl flooring comes in plank and tile styles, so you'll find something that goes with the aesthetic of your home or building. You can even find luxury vinyl flooring that looks similar to hardwood, so you can get the look without the higher price tag.

Vinyl flooring is made of plastics, resins, and other components that seal out moisture. This means it contains many layers designed to keep out water and other liquids. So, if you have a humid building, vinyl is ideal. While it looks like wood, it's not made of wood. You don't have to worry about ensuring it's stained or finished correctly to seal out moisture. This also makes luxury vinyl flooring a good choice for homes with pets and children, as it can hold up to spills.

Laminate Flooring

If you simply must have the feel of real wood under your feet in your humid household, laminate is the way to go. Its partial particleboard composition means that it can take a fair deal of moisture content—but in this respect, it still pales in comparison to vinyl. Because the flooring is partially wood, humidity must be maintained between certain thresholds to ensure this flooring does not expand or contract.

The benefits of laminate flooring are generally two-fold. First, it's affordable.Many people use laminate flooring in their homes because it is a pretty inexpensive choice. So, you can trust that you'll get enough humidity protection but not have to worry so much about your budget.

It also feels more like wood. Some people want a flooring option that looks and feels as close to hardwood as possible. So, if that's important to you, going with laminate is a good choice. You'll still know the moisture is locked out.

Still Have Questions? E Hardwoods is Here to Help!

If you are wondering about the best option for humidity-proof flooring. Don’t hesitate to reach out. We know that there’s an ideal flooring type for every household, and we here at E Hardwoods are determined to help you find it. This is why we have a broad selection of flooring choices. Take a look at our online flooring stock, or contact us with any further questions.