December 16, 2019 2 min read

You’re taking the leap! You’ve finally decided to show your home or business a little love and invest in brand new flooring. Congratulations on making the place feel more like your own! Moreover, when you order from E Hardwoods, you can trust the product you’ll be receiving will last you for years, if not a lifetime in some cases. Go ahead, get excited!

That being said, excitement is no reason to be irresponsible. You very well know that everything from waterproof flooring to solid hardwood flooring warrants a significant monetary investment. Think your choice through and be sure that, aesthetically and functionally, your flooring will be the perfect fit.

Below, E Hardwoods poses a few questions every responsible homeowner should ask themselves before pressing the button to purchase with us.

It’s All About Doing Your Homework

Does your preferred flooring require any specific care, as is the case of hardwood flooring? Or can it potentially react to rubber, like vinyl flooring? In other words, how much do you know about the flooring you hope to invest in? Making a responsible flooring choice is all about researching the functionality, strengths, and shortcomings of each individual flooring type. There is no single perfect make of flooring for everyone, but there is indeed a perfect flooring for you. Doing research will help you find it! Our blogs can serve as a good starting point.

Besides doing your homework and asking our experts important questions about functionality, what else should you ask yourself about the flooring you have in mind? 

  • Who will be inhabiting the room? A living room might feel more comfortable in a muted aesthetic, in contrast to a child’s room, where you have room to play with brighter colors. Your flooring choice should reflect the personality and aesthetic of the person(s) who will be using the room, and it should do that for years to come.
  • What do I want the color of my flooring to do? Darker floors can make a room seem cozier, while lighter flooring can make that exact same room seem larger. Consider how you want the room to feel and the mood your furniture creates and choose your flooring color from there.
  • Can I afford a long-term investment? Many floorings from E Hardwoods have a lifetime warranty. However, certain floorings, due to inherent compositional qualities, have the potential to last for far longer, with proper maintenance. It’s important to not only consider the cost of the initial flooring, but also the cost of future maintenance.

Still Don’t Know What Flooring is Right For You? E Hardwoods Can Help!

Due to our massive online stock, we’re experts in all kinds of flooring. If you still don’t know what type would be right for your home or business, contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help.