June 21, 2021 2 min read

When you’re expecting a new baby to the family, it’s only natural to want to redo a room for them. Soft curtains, whimsical wall decor—and, yes, the ever-important choice of flooring. But flooring is more than a decorative choice; unlike the playful pastels and ginghams you might have chosen for this space, your youngster probably won’t grow out of it. It’s an investment that’s in it for the long haul, so your choice must be solid.

It’s a big decision, but E Hardwoods & Flooring is here to help, so rest easy. Below, we’ll detail some of our top picks for nursery floorings.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Face it: kids are messy at every stage of their lives. You’re going to need a flooring that’s easy to clean and easy to maintain. Look no further! These are the benefits that luxury vinyl flooring provides. No matter if you choose vinyl tile flooring or plank vinyl flooring, you can count on it being easy to tidy up. It’s also low-maintenance in general, requiring no refinishing or extensive care throughout its lifetime.

Worried about looks? With waterproof vinyl flooring, you don’t need to be. This type of flooring is available in a variety of faux finishes, such as wood and stone, so your kid will grow up stepping on the pinnacle of style.

Hardwood Flooring

If you’re willing to put in the work of caring for it, prefinished hardwood flooring can also be a great choice for a child’s room. It practically never goes out of style, and seeing as it’s got supreme durability and longevity, that’s a good thing.

Different stains and wood types make it a versatile aesthetic option, too, and it’s great for spaces that need to up the ante in terms of coziness. Richly hued Birch or Hickory can indeed make a room seem homey.

If this becomes your flooring of choice, though, make sure you’re equipped to care for it. Just like a baby, hardwood flooring requires upkeep and attention! Hardwood flooring will require regular sanding and refinishing to keep performing at its best, and you’ll need to be careful to clean up any spills promptly.

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