June 28, 2021 2 min read

Hardwood flooring is a gorgeous addition to any room—but after the installation, you probably don’t want that room to remain empty of furniture forever! Flooring is meant to be walked on and lived on, and what good is a room without function?

If, however, you have the privilege of completely redoing the space in which your prefinished hardwood flooring is laid, all the furniture choices can be slightly overwhelming. Because solid hardwood flooring is so stylistically versatile, you really can put almost anything on it and it will look great.

Below, E Hardwoods & Flooring, where you can buy hardwood flooring online, provides some guidelines for picking the right furniture for your new flooring.

Throw Matchy-Matchy Out the Window

Of course, you don’t need to; it’s a classical look that can make a room look gracefully aged. However, more contemporary styles are opting to mix and match wood tones for a spunky, stand-out look. If, however, you choose the multicolored aesthetic, you must play by a few rules to keep things looking harmonious:

  • Make the choice look intentional.Your tones of wood shouldn’t muddle or fade into one another like a poor matching job would.
  • Pair wood choices or, at the most, make a set of three. Any more can lend the space a chaotic feel, as the eye doesn’t know where to land.
  • Don’t just ignore the floor. Though wood mix-and-match is a perfectly viable decor choice, that doesn’t mean you can just toss any two hues together!

Conscientious mixed-wood combos can make for a unique room that truly feels yours.

Play it Safe With Contrast

If you opt for metal or synthetic furniture, they play a similar game as does wood furniture: tones too similar to one another will melt into a muddy mess. A good rule of thumb—pair light with dark, either one way or the other. Typically, though, light flooring is a lot more flexible color-wise.

If you simply must have furniture that’s close to the same color as your floor, a bright area rug can help to break up the space and bring the room together.

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