July 05, 2021 2 min read

It’s summer, and that’s the time for sunshine—but don’t get so preoccupied with the nice weather that you forget about your flooring!

While your floors might not peel in the sun like you do, they still don’t appreciate prolonged exposure to sunlight. This can result in bleaching and general degradation of the flooring, which is certainly not something you want to deal with, given that it’s both an investment and potentially a decor centerpiece.

So how, exactly, do you prevent a flooring “sunburn,” so to speak? It’s not necessary to treat it with kid gloves, of course—flooring is meant to be lived on—but preventative action here and there goes a long way.

Move Furniture Around

No matter if you have hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring, or vinyl flooring, if you leave furniture in one place for too long a time, you’ll experience uneven sun fading, similarly to how a deck grows lighter where it’s not sheltered by patio furniture.

When it comes to flooring, this fading takes quite a while, so you don’t need to be moving your furniture around each week! Seasonally is enough. Make sure, too, to move rugs along with your furniture. Not only will you be promoting even traffic-related wear on your flooring, but you’ll also prevent it from fading in the pattern of a patchwork quilt!

Consider Lighter Colors

Every type of flooring will fade to some degree in the sun over the years, but if there’s less color to fade in the first place, that fading will be less noticeable. We thus recommend light-colored flooring for rooms with lots of sun exposure.

A light floor doesn’t excuse you from the aforementioned furniture moving procedure, though!

Think About Curtains and Window Films

If you’re looking to stop sun exposure, you might, in addition to the thing being damaged, look at things that play a role in the damaging. Windows, while not the cause of fading (that’d be the sun), are what permit UV rays to enter your home and begin to fade your flooring—if you fortify them, you can stop the process before it starts.

To help cut down on these invisible nuisances, consider blackout curtains for your windows. Enjoy the sunlight when you’re home and block it out to save your flooring by drawing the curtains when you’re not. For those whom this is a hassle, window films provide a seamless solution. One application and you’ll neer have to think about sun damage again.

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