December 14, 2022 2 min read

Flooring pests? Yes, and they can be quite destructive if not kept in check. From boring holes in your floors to spreading beyond them to wreak havoc on your home’s very structure, these critters are not something to be taken lightly. However, the good news is that many flooring pests only go after hardwood flooring and only hardwood flooring that is either old or poorly maintained. If you’ve recently ordered high-quality solid hardwood flooring or engineered hardwood flooring from E Hardwoods & Flooring, you’re in the clear!


However, for those of you who have older floors—and for anyone who owns hardwoods in general—it never hurts to learn a bit about this potential threat. Below, we’ll identify a few common flooring pests, as well as signs that they’ve taken up residence in your hardwood.

Termites, Beetles, and Ants: The Terrible Trio

It might sound like common sense, but when we talk about flooring pests, we’re mostly talking about insects. Larger vermin, such as squirrels or birds, much prefer attic, wall, or eave space. When it comes to flooring, you must be on the lookout for smaller, much more insidious threats, such as:


  • Termites | Every homeowner’s worst nightmare, these insects feed on wood. If you’re noticing that your hardy solid hardwood is beginning to decompose or sounds hollow when you tap it, you could have termite activity. Moldy hardwood or a stench indicating as such can also be a solid sign.
  • Powderpost beetles | A catch-all term for a variety of beetle species, Powderpost beetles bore into hardwoods. Look for small, circular holes with powdery sawdust nearby. Depending on the species of Powderpost beetle you’re dealing with, you may or may not need to opt for flooring replacement.
  • Carpenter ants | These large, ugly ants don’t actually consume wood but burrow through it instead to use the space for housing. They tend to target old wood or wood that has sustained water damage, and their presence can look similar to that of termites. Scarily enough, if you listen closely enough, you might even be able to hear these pests at work!

Unfortunately, termite, beetle, & carpenter ant damage is not typically covered under homeowners insurance. Bug infestations are considered preventable and any flooring removal and replacement would likely come out of your pocket.

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Need Hardwood Flooring Replacement? E Hardwoods & Flooring is Here to Help

Recovering from a pest infestation can be an exhausting process. We’re here to make it a little brighter with our huge selection of flooring, from engineered hardwood to vinyl flooring to solid hardwood. Check out our online stock here, or contact us with questions.