September 30, 2022 4 min read

If you have kids, you know that you love them. But, you also know cleaning after them can be a challenge. It's an unfortunate fact that making messes is a widely enjoyed hobby among children; As a parent, you're bound to discover dirt in places you hadn't even thought could get dirty. How is there mud on your walls?


But forget the walls, kids' inherent chaos does the biggest number on your flooring. Spilled juice boxes, soggy sneakers – you name it, your flooring has to be able to stand up to it.


And, it's not just spills you have to contend with. You also need to keep your kids from scratching up surfaces with their shoes and playing games in the house. If you have kids and are thinking of refurbishing, it's imperative that you pick a flooring that's both durable and economical.


E Hardwoods & Flooring is here to guide you to the best flooring options for households with kids!

Waterproof Flooring: The Best for Homes With Kids

Owing to kids' habit of spilling everything, any type of waterproof flooring is ultimately the best choice for the child-rearing household. Many vinyl floorings fall into this category.


Though these types of floorings might not last the decades or years that hardwood flooring does, waterproof flooring is obviously impervious to water damage, making cleaning up daily spills a breeze. It also requires comparatively low amounts of maintenance compared to solid hardwood flooring, which often needs sanding and refinishing as time goes on.


High-maintenance flooring isn't inherently bad, of course, but for the working parent who works nights as a carpooler for their kids, giving solid hardwood flooring the care it needs can be difficult.

Waterproof Flooring Options

Luckily, there are many affordable, beautiful waterproof flooring choices for your home, no matter how many kiddos you have running around. They all have their pros and cons, but most are a good choice.


You just need to pick the one that best fits your needs and interior design style. Here are a couple of options to consider!

Vinyl Plank Flooring

If you want something that looks like hardwood without the price tag,vinyl plank flooring is your best bet. You'll have many designs to choose from, including light and dark wood grain replicas.


And, there are even some more contemporary options if you want to get away from the hardwood look. The great thing is that this kind of flooring is waterproof, mold resistant, and durable.

Vinyl Tile Flooring

If you want the look of tile but don't want to pay the cost or don't want to clean the grout,vinyl tile is a great alternative.


Vinyl tile flooring has all the benefits of the plank style, but it goes well with other design aesthetics. You can put this flooring in your kitchen or bathrooms and trust that your kids won't mess it up with all their silly but adorable antics.

More Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Along with protecting your home from mold and water damage, vinyl flooring tends to be slip-resistant. As we all know, toddlers are fairly clumsy, and they're easily upset about that fact. The less they fall, the better. So, you'll have peace of mind knowing your kids are less likely to end up slipping and falling.


If you're worried that vinyl flooring will ruin the aesthetic of your home, don't be. E Hardwoods & Flooring offers many brands of waterproof wood-look flooring that give the appearance of hardwood without the upkeep requirements and vulnerability to water damage.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring: A Close Second Choice

Though it's not as waterproof as vinyl flooring, if you insist on real wood, engineered hardwood flooring is a much more kid-friendly choice than solid hardwood flooring. Its partial plywood composition means that it can take more spills than solid hardwood, and it also gives that wooden feel underfoot.


You can't go wrong here if you want a more authentic feel. Engineered hardwood is also still more affordable than natural hardwood.


The main downside to engineered hardwood flooring is that it isn't as waterproof. So, it's a better option if your kids are slightly older.


If you do have younger kids, just be aware that you'll need to be slightly more careful about where you let your kids eat!

Buy Your Materials Online With E Hardwoods & Flooring

If you are trying to decide which flooring option is best for your family, it never hurts to start doing some shopping to see what you like.


Taking kids to a retail store is always a hassle—why not order your flooring online? E Hardwoods & Flooring offers almost every type of flooring under the sun; you're bound to find something that suits your aesthetic and functional needs.


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