February 25, 2019 2 min read

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) closely mimics the look of natural materials, such as wood or stone. It accomplishes this by a surface layer that has a 3D, photo-created image, combined with textures that resemble that of the real materials.

Why is Luxury Vinyl Tile Popular with Home and Business Owners?

There are several reasons why consumers prefer luxury vinyl tile over other types of flooring material:


  • Emulates the look and texture of hardwood, ceramic tiles, and other premium types of flooring
  • More affordable than the floors that it mimics
  • Less maintenance than hardwood
  • Damaged areas can easily be replaced with just a few new pieces that match perfectly
  • Easy to install—perfect for a DIY project
  • It is 100% waterproof
  • Better flooring option for basements and bathrooms
  • Impressively durable and resilient in high-traffic areas

Qualities of Luxury Vinyl

●      Simulates Natural Materials

Luxury vinyl flooring simulates stone (slate, travertine, marble, etc.) or it simulates wood (teak, maple, oak, walnut, and pine).

●      Plank-Shaped

Because LVP imitates solid wood flooring, it comes in plank shapes. A typical size is 7 inches wide by 48 inches long but it is available in up to 9 inches wide and 72 inches long.

●      Composition

Luxury vinylis typically either 100% vinyl or a vinyl/limestone mixture or a mixture of either of these with sawdust particles, depending on the brand. Any LVT that emulates wood will be made of all vinyl. LVT that is made to look like stone will contain minerals. Only the base layer is limestone, while the top layer is vinyl.

LVT Layer Composition

There is no difference in the number of layers between traditional and luxury vinyl tile—only the thickness of these layers. Both have four layers from the top down:


  1. Aluminum oxide. This topmost aluminum oxide-based layer prevents light scratching and shoe scuffs. Note: Not every brand will contain this.
  2. Clear film. This poly-urethene layer protects against harder damage, such as rips and tears.
  3. Design layer. This is the photorealistic print of stone or wood.
  4. The Core.100% vinyl or a vinyl/limestone mixture or a mixture of either of these with sawdust particles, depending on the brand.
  5. Backing layer. The bottom layer gives the product structure and solidity. The backing layer comprises 90% of the product's thickness.

LVT Size and Thickness

LVT usually comes in either plank or tile form. Typical plank size is 48 inches x 6 inches. Typical tile size is 12  inches X 24 inches. Sometimes you can find unusual shapes, such as squares sized at 16 inches x 16 inches


Thicknesses range depending on brand and core structure.

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