September 16, 2019 2 min read

Hardwood flooring is an expensive investment, so as a home or business owner, you want to make sure your investment lasts. You don’t want to have to replace your solid hardwood flooring after twenty years or so! Who has the money for that?


Much of the longevity of your solid hardwood flooring will come down to which brand you buy. Different brands, after all, source their trees from different places and have different methods of preparing the wood. But in a market with countless choices, how do you know which is best?


You can feel safe ordering from E Hardwoods & Flooring. We prioritize quality brands with a dedication to their services and products. Read on to discover more about some of our hardwood flooring brands.

Bella Cera Hardwood Flooring: Artisanal and Trendy

Though it’s more well known for its engineered hardwood flooring lines, Bella Cera also boasts a fine collection of solid hardwoods. The company prides itself on its attention to detail and the care shown toward each and every individual board it manufactures. It sets itself apart by:


  • Using a myriad of tools to create a natural look. When applicable, Bella Cera distresses and implements chatter marks into its boards by hand. No two boards are exactly the same. This creates an eye-catching and unique product.
  • Hand-staining. The company puts the same amount of care into staining its boards that carpenters do fine furniture. It strives to create an artisanal feel in its floorings.
  • Investing in a strong finish.The finish of your Bella Cera flooring will not yellow over time, and it boasts superb UV protection.

Urbanfloor Hardwood Flooring: Success Through Sustainability and Giving

For Urbanfloor, respect for the environment comes first. That’s why the company sources all of its wood from well-managed forests and responsible suppliers. They strive to balance bringing the beauty of hardwood flooring to businesses and homeowners while also doing the forests that supply it justice.


The company is also known for its philanthropy. It puts money toward various causes, from helping rescue dogs to furthering the professional development of the LAPD. When you purchase Urbanfloor, you can feel good knowing that some of the profit can be used to help animals and people in need.

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