August 26, 2019 2 min read

Hardwood flooring has been prized for its luxurious aesthetic and longevity for centuries. Let’s face it—who doesn’t like the feel of solid wood underneath their feet? Indeed, solid hardwood flooring is a solid choice for many contractors and homeowners alike; when properly taken care of, its beauty can shine like new for decades.


However, recent innovation has yielded a new kind of flooring—waterproof flooring. And, while it may not possess the longevity or feel that hardwood flooring does, waterproof flooring—especially the wood-look kind—can be a more practical choice for a housing project or the DIY homeowner.


E Hardwoods & Flooring, a vendor of both waterproof vinyl flooring and hardwood flooring, discusses below when you, as a homeowner or contractor, might want to opt for waterproof over hardwoods.

Opt for Vinyl Flooring When You’re On a Budget

For the uninitiated, it can come as a surprise how much of an investment solid hardwood flooring can be. Yes, the flooring itself is expensive—that’s the nature of the beast. But new flooring buyers often fail to understand the maintenance that comes with solid hardwood flooring. All solid hardwoods will require regular cleaning with specialized products (lest the wood gets stained) and all will require professional sanding services at least once a year. Moreover, replacing parts of hardwood flooring, should the unfortunate accident occur, is expensive.


If you’re short on funds, waterproof vinyl flooring is the way to go. These floorings are comparatively low-maintenance (more economical) and are also more affordable to start off with.

Vinyl Flooring is More Durable in Some Situations

Under prolonged foot traffic, vinyl flooring might not hold up as well as hardwood—but if your area is subject to high humidity levels, vinyl is exponentially hardier than hardwood. Because of the organic nature of solid hardwood flooring, it has a tendency to take on moisture and bend out of shape.


Vinyl, in contrast, can stand up to even direct spills. It’s for this reason that waterproof vinyl flooring is recommended for areas in which moisture or the inclement spill is likely, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.

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