August 12, 2019 2 min read

Everybody loves a nice touch of country charm. The solid hardwood flooring of a farmhouse creates a certain air of steady tranquility, and the vinyl flooring of a rural house’s mudroom is not only economical, but somehow fitting of the mood.


Why not bring a bit of this hometown feel to your own home or latest contracting project? It’s easy when you pick the right flooring. E Hardwoods & Flooring, a website where you can buy hardwood flooring online, discusses the best ways to bring a bit of country into your next decorating or refurbishing project.

Invest in Hardwood to Mimic the Feel of a Farmhouse

Old farmhouses, with their wraparound porches and expansive amounts of bedrooms, have unique decoration styles that are taking the world by storm. With the right wall color and the right kind of solid hardwood flooring, your city condo or suburban home can feel just as down-to-earth as an old country home.


But what does the “right” kind of hardwood flooring or engineered hardwood flooring look like when it comes to creating that coveted country atmosphere?


  • Look for hardwood that comes in wide planks. To create an old-fashioned look, use, at minimum, 5-inch wide planks. These can be hard to find, but luckily, E Hardwoods & Flooring stocks a selection.
  • Consider your flooring’s finish. A matte (not shiny) finish will create a more natural feel fitting in a farmhouse atmosphere, while a satin finish exudes an air of luxury. Choose wisely.
  • Keep a natural look. Darker stains can make a flooring look more high-end, but they can detract from the down-to-earth vibe a farmhouse tries to give. If you’re decorating in this style, stick to softer, muted shades of wood to fit the relaxed feel.

Can’t Afford Solid Hardwood Flooring?

That’s fine! You can still mimic the aesthetic of a farmhouse with vinyl flooring or engineered hardwood flooring. Modern technology has advanced in such a way that, to the eye, it’s often impossible to see the differences between solid hardwood flooring and its competitors. Keep an open mind, and you’ll be sure sure to find something that fits both your aesthetic and monetary needs.

Buy Hardwood Flooring Online

E Hardwoods & Flooring, an online flooring store, hosts an expansive selection of engineered hardwood flooring, waterproof vinyl flooring, and solid hardwood flooring. No matter your budget or the look you’re going for, we no doubt have something to fit it. Peruse our online stock here.