April 19, 2021 2 min read

At E Hardwoods & Flooring, we talk a lot about what type of flooring would be the right fit for a given customer or room. It’s important! While there is no one singular “best” type of flooring, selecting the right kind, be it vinyl flooring, prefinished hardwood flooring, or something completely different, helps you get the most out of your investment from multiple standpoints.

One thing we haven’t talked a lot about yet: Flooring color. And we’re here to fix that.

Why Does Flooring Color Even Matter?

That’s a valid question! Sure, color alone frequently doesn’t affect a flooring’s functionality; a waterproof wood-look flooring with a gray hue will function just the same as one that’s rich and dark. Can’t you just pick the color you’re the happiest with and leave it at that?

Well, sure – nobody is stopping you. However, the right color flooring can make or break a space, opening it up or making it feel homier. It’s an essential part of good interior design, and when you nail it, the results are show-stopping.

Light Colors: Perfect for Making Things Bright

Whether it’s faux marble waterproof flooring or honey-colored hardwood, any lighter hue will bring a spacious, breezy vibe to a given room. If you’re going for a minimalist or open-air feel, stick with less saturated, more understated shades.

As a bonus, light flooring colors tend to be unobtrusive and they thus let your furniture take centerstage. If you’ve got bright yellow chairs, an antique sofa, or another statement piece you’re looking to show off, let light floors play the backup role!

Dark Colors: Cozy and Stately

If you’re decorating a space like a den or living room – one that you want to feel like a remote sanctuary – dark flooring is where it’s at. It has a way of making a room seem calm and grounded.

Dark-colored flooring, however, does tend to draw attention to itself. That’s great – it does tend to be quite gorgeous, if we do say so ourselves! It demands to be decorated around, not to play the harmony part.

If you’re looking for your flooring itself to be what holds a room together, stylistically speaking, then darker colors are perfect for you.

Check Out a Rainbow of Flooring Hues

From stark whites to nearly black and everything in between, we’ve got the full spectrum of flooring colors right at your disposal. Flip through our online hardwood flooring stock and more today!