April 26, 2021 2 min read

It’s spring, and if you’ve got the home-improvement bug, you’re not alone! Alongside spring cleaning, countless families decide to go even further and tackle that one project that’s been hanging over their heads since last year. Painting ceilings? Redoing walls? Refinishing cabinets? Your home’s your oyster, so roll up your sleeves and get at it!

One thing, though: Don’t let your flooring get caught up in the crossfire.

Why Even Waterproof Flooring Needs Protection

If you own hardwood flooring, you’re probably already used to watching what falls onto it, so taking care during DIY projects won’t be anything extra for you.

However, waterproof flooring, as its name states, is waterproof; it’s also stain-resistant. If this is what lies beneath your feet, you might wonder why it needs to be kept safe from any debris that results from your DIY project. Can’t you just sweep up when you’re finished?

Simple: no matter the flooring type, when left around construction debris can result in

  • Flooring scrapes and gouges
  • Premature wear and tear
  • Unnecessary repair costs

So save yourself the trouble and make sure to armor up your flooring before your spring renovations—and take care of it during.

Temporary Flooring Covers Can Save Your Hide

Simple to install and infinitely helpful, these products provide a temporary walking surface and a simple way to clean up after your project. Floor cardboard and floor protection film are two commonly used options that make your project worry free.

Sweep Up!

Flooring covers are useful, but nothing is a failsafe against gouge-causing dust and debris. Before setting down your flooring coverings, make sure your floor is spotless, and at the end of each period of your work, do a quick sweep. It makes the final clean-up a lot easier, too.

Let Some Fresh Air In

To reduce the amount of dust and harsh chemicals (if applicable) that could potentially accumulate on your flooring, use fans and open windows for improved ventilation. As a bonus, this also helps you to breathe easier and keep your health a priority while you work.

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