December 21, 2020 2 min read

When it comes to saving money and gaining a sense of pride, there’s nothing better than DIY! Do It Yourself (hence the abbreviation) hasn’t become a cross-industry craze for nothing. Without the hassle of dealing with a business and with the thrill that comes with learning a new skill, it’s plain to see why it’s an appealing option for many situations – flooring installation included.

That being said, the most experienced flooring DIYers will tell you that jumping headfirst into renovations without the proper preparations is a recipe for disaster. There’s no way around it: you’re not a flooring professional. You can’t walk into the installation process like you totally know what you’re doing just yet. Plus, you’ll need to prepare the physical location too!

If you’re feeling daunted now, don’t – E Hardwoods & Flooring is here to help! While we don’t offer flooring installation ourselves, we’re sellers of everything from hardwood flooring to waterproof wood-look flooring, and we sure know a thing or two about how our products work. Read on for some DIY prep tips from the pros.

Research, Research, Research!

Every flooring type installs differently, so the best thing that you can do to make sure your DIY goes according to plan is research how your flooring installs. There are plenty of online resources for you to use, ranging from articles to videos to picture-based instructions.

No matter your learning style, the internet can cater to it. In this case, there’s no such thing as too much preparation, as every DIYer – and even every pro – has a mishap or a success you can learn from.

When it comes to physical preparations, don’t skimp; they’re important too.

Make sure your subfloor is level before beginning.

Flooring is designed to be laid on a flat surface. If your subfloor is not completely level, fill or sand applicable areas before continuing.

Make sure you have more flooring than you need on hand.

You’ve measured and measured and measured again, but always buy a little extra. This isn’t in case you’ve miscalculated, but in case you make a mistake while installing that requires the sacrifice of a board.

Measure twice (or more!) before making any cuts.

Though cuts are an important part of preparing some flooring types, such as vinyl flooring, for installation, one wrong move can mean you lose a whole plank or tile. Bring your awesome measuring skills back that we mentioned in the previous step and be as scrupulous as possible.

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