September 01, 2022 3 min read

What’s in vogue is what’s in vogue, but certain styles last forever. It’s a rule in the interior design field, fashion, art—and, yes, flooring. We here at E Hardwoods & Flooring, where you can buy hardwood flooring online, are proud to stock a huge variety of flooring types, from the classically beautiful to contemporary chic. No matter what your tastes lean towards, you’ll find just the fit with us.


For those who seek something that will be beloved for generations to come, we have got just the picks for you below.

Hardwood Flooring: As Classic as it Gets

People hundreds of years ago used solid hardwood flooring in their homes—and upscale penthouses still use it today. If that’s not a testament to timelessness, we don’t know what is!

Dress up your space in historic-looking hickory or make a magnificent living room scene with maple. No matter the species, this is a look that turns heads and will continue to do so throughout your flooring’s decades of life.

Beloved Warm Browns

There is a reason so many flooring types offer such toasty finishes: they’re well-loved and flexible, able to support and accentuate nearly every decorative style. From minimalist to rustic, warm brown flooring tones remain a design staple. Given their aesthetic versatility, they most likely will continue to do so.


If your look is ever-changing, consider evergreen flooring, stylistically speaking. Warm hues underfoot will perfectly harmonize with anything—modern throw rugs to country-style couches.


Plus, given that it’s a color available in a wide variety of products, fromengineered hardwood flooring towaterproof flooring, you can find your perfect function and fashion.

Stone-Look: A Natural Beauty

Just like hardwood,stone-look vinyl products carry nature’s signature stamp in terms of style. While it’s a perfect choice for smaller spaces that appreciate their geometric structure, this flooring type can make itself at home anywhere, including living rooms and kitchens. Topped off with the water resistance and affordability of vinyl and your stone-look flooring will be as timelessly tough as it is gorgeous.

Marble-Look: Sleek and Luxe

Marble has a long history of high-profile use in architecture thanks to its beauty. Per, the Taj Mahal, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument are all made of the stuff. While marble may be out of your price range for your current flooring project, you can still have the noble, well-known good looks that have graced so many monuments—just in a different form!


Waterproof flooring comes in a lovely white-hued marble line that’s so realistic you can hardly tell the difference. It’s also far more affordable than real marble. Our Casabella Scubaseal waterproof flooring comes out to a tidy $3.80 per square foot, whereas marble flooring can cost $20 or more for the exact same amount depending on the type of marble and its quality. Even if you find an affordable variety, that’s not even accounting for the price of polishing down the line. Yikes!

Grays: Cool no Matter the Season

Of course, grays can be warm in hue too—we’re talking about their stylistic merit, in which case they definitely are cool. As a neutral color, they pair well with pretty much any decor style, so long as you have some semblance of order to it.

While you’ll most commonly see this flooring color used in modern styles, it’s just as comfy in a more down-home atmosphere. If you tend towards the lighter side of things, too, gray has a wonderful way of making a room feel open and breezy.


Need some inspiration? Check out this warm gray from Paramount; it’d harmonize perfectly with sassy reds, vivacious oranges, or any toastier brown you can think of. If you’re looking for a moodier hue, though, this line from Urbanfloor is just the ticket. Combined with cooler blues and purples, it would make any space feel like a soothing retreat.


For more on picking the right color for your flooring project, check out our hardwood flooring blog.

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