March 14, 2022 2 min read

Shopping for flooring online is an adventure, that’s for sure—and it’s one that you can undertake from the comfort of your very own home! Before you start surfing the web or looking at any of your current favorite brands, though, it never hurts to brush up on a little flooring jargon. Though help is always available to you when you contact your preferred hardwood flooring store, knowing a few commonly used terms can ensure a seamless shopping experience.

Below, E Hardwoods & Flooring, where you canbuy hardwood flooring online, discuss a few turns-of-phrase that you’ll notice throughout your flooring search.


No matter if you’re installing engineered hardwood flooring or vinyl flooring, you’ll be dealing with subfloors at some step of the process. Also, sometimes (somewhat inaccurately) referred to as the substrate, the subfloor is the relatively unchangeable part of your home that your flooring is installed upon. Usually, it is made of either concrete or wood.Check out our blog on the subject for a more in-depth look!

Making sure your subfloor, underlayment (the material laid on top of the subfloor), and the final layer of flooring all get along is integral to a successful flooring job, whether it’s for engineered hardwood flooring, vinyl, or otherwise.


Waterproof flooring is loosely defined as flooring with good water resistance—though, if you’re looking for absolute watertightness,vinyl flooring is the way to go. Many companies will advertise other flooring types as waterproof flooring, and while their capabilities may very well be substantial, be sure to look into the material itself before purchase. No amount of product, for instance, can make a prefinished hardwood flooring completely waterproof.


Much like climbers need to get their bodies used to high elevations, your wood flooring must “get used to” the moisture levels and climate of your home before installation. This process is known as acclimation.

Its purpose? According to The Spruce, wood swells in humid environments and shrinks in dryer ones. Allowing your wood floor to acclimate by placing it in the room it is to be installed in prior to beginning the actual process helps to prevent gaps in the final flooring job.

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