March 21, 2022 2 min read

If new flooring is on your bucket list this year, you’re not alone. Plenty of homeowners everywhere are jumping on this bandwagon, taking advantage of this renovation’s ability to revolutionize a room’s atmosphere and its high ROI. Indeed, according to, hardwood flooring can bring back a whopping70-80% of its original investment!

Of course, aside from type, the flooring brand you buy can also affect that ROI. E Hardwoods & Flooring, where you can buy hardwood flooring online, is here to help you find the best brand for your needs. Check out some of our top recommendations for the upcoming year.

Mannington Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is always on-trend, and when it comes to engineered hardwood flooring, Mannington is where it’s at. Though this brand also sells a vinyl flooring product that’s nothing to sneeze at in terms of looks or strength, we love Mannington hardwood’s stability and constantly evolving styles. Indeed, according to thebrand’s official website, “Mannington is engaged in innovative product development and design for each of the {flooring} categories it is involved in, and is recognized throughout the industry as a leader in these areas."

On top of the brand’s constant strive to stay with the times, the company has also made strides in sustainability and social responsibility.

Paramount Flooring

A versatile brand that produces both solid and engineered hardwood in addition to vinyl flooring, Paramount has long proved itself a mainstay in a variety of flooring industries. From luxurious hazelnut and pecan prefinished hardwood flooring to tough-as-nails luxury vinyl products, there’s truly something for everyone within this brand’s repertoire.

Its “most popular collection ever produced,” the Mountain Heritage Random Width Crestone, is rich with detail and rustic personality. It’s a great fit for those going for a rustic farmhouse look—as are all these other floorings we mention in our blog about that style.

UrbanFloor Hardwood Flooring

Dripping with modern style and sensibilities, UrbanFloor specializes in solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood, and vinyl. The brand’s website boasts that it produces “numerous and varied styles”—and we think all of them are as sophisticated as flooring comes.

Indeed, from being featured in the “Cooking With Paula Deen” magazine to being the flooring of choice for other high-profile celebs, UrbanFloor has more than proven its trendy stylistic inclinations.

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