February 08, 2021 2 min read

An investment in solid hardwood flooring is certainly one you won’t regret. From fantastic durability to indubitable style, hardwood flooring has it all. And after 2020, you certainly deserve such a luxury! However, just because you’ve settled on a flooring type doesn’t mean your decision making is done yet. You’ve got one more question to tackle:

What kind of wood is right for your home?

Prefinished solid hardwood flooring comes in many wood species, and unlike other flooring options like vinyl flooring, there’s no mimicry here – what you’re getting is the real deal. While this does wonders for the flooring’s value and longevity, it also means that looks and functionality are inseparable.

In other words, you must consider each type of wood’s properties to make the right choice, while with other options like waterproof flooring you get relatively consistent characteristics no matter what the flooring looks like.

E Hardwoods & Flooring is here to simplify things, not complicate them! Let’s talk about how to pick out the right type of wood for your new hardwood flooring.

Breaking Your Wood Type Decision Down

Quite a bit goes into picking out the right type of wood – as you could probably have guessed, given that solid hardwood flooring is a solid investment!

When browsing, note the following flooring features and relate them to your lifestyle, budget, and priorities. Doing so will guide you towards the right wood type.

  • The Janka scale is a standardized system used to give a numerical value to a hardwood’s physical durability. The higher the rating, the tougher the wood is against physical damage.
  • While how a wood feels underfoot definitely adds to its character, different texture-producing processes also affect how that wood holds up to a number of hazards. While you may fall in love with a given look, don’t marry yourself to it until you understand what it will mean for your flooring care routine.
  • It’s not just the hardness of a hardwood flooring that affects its toughness; countless other factors do as well—factors that fall into this broader, miscellaneous category. Stability and relative water resistance play into a floor’s overall strength when put up against a variety of tough conditions.

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