March 22, 2021 2 min read

Vinyl flooring is well-known for its affordability in the flooring field at large. That doesn’t mean it’s the economy option, though! Indeed, we’ve written an entire waterproof flooring blog on why certain types of vinyl are well-suited for homeowners who want a gorgeous, long-lasting, tough-as-nails investment without breaking the bank.

The keywords here, however, are certain types. Not all waterproof vinyl flooring is created equally; in fact, there’s a definite divide in quality between standard vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring. It’s a divide so large that, as quality-focused flooring distributors, it has stopped us altogether from stocking standard vinyl.

When you peruse our massive online selection, you’ll find that the design and functional possibilities for your next flooring project are nearly endless—so why not make standard vinyl a part of those possibilities? What’s there to lose?

Quite a lot, to be truthful. Below, we’ll explain the drawbacks of this flooring type, and why its luxury cousin is always a better product.

Standard Vinyl Can Never Quite Cut It

The biggest creator of the divide in quality between standard vinyl and luxury vinyl is the flooring’s thickness. Luxury vinyl flooring has enough substance to it that it can stand up against the things standard vinyl cannot, which include

The Test of Time

When properly taken care of, luxury vinyl flooring always outlasts its much thinner counterpart. You want your flooring to stand up to the years, so don’t bother with a type that can’t. Shop for luxury vinyl flooring instead.

Physical Trauma

Luxury vinyl’s thickness lends it a toughness that standard vinyl could never dream of standing up to. Invest in a floor that can stay strong against anything your family throws at it: luxury vinyl.

Timeless Good Looks

While there may be some attractive standard vinyl brands out there, it generally doesn’t exude the air of, well, luxury that its thicker counterpart does. A primary purpose of luxury vinyl is to provide a durable alternative to hardwood flooring for families which the latter, through no fault of its own, might not suit. Waterproof wood-look flooring is, as its name implies, often designed to mimic other high-end flooring types—even marble. Standard vinyl can’t come close to that sort of luxe look!

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