March 29, 2021 2 min read

If you’ve even considered buying hardwood flooring, you probably know that periodic refinishing needs come along with it. Refinishing is just as its name implies: sanding off the finish of the solid hardwood flooring, removing any gouges and scratches in the process, then applying a fresh clear topcoat so that your flooring looks like new. Sometimes, a stain can even be added in the middle for some extra flair!

Refinishing is a critical part of maintaining your prefinished hardwood flooring, as it helps restore a floor’s old hue if it’s otherwise been damaged, and it stops scratches from deepening and thus compromising structural integrity. But does the process actually help to protect your floor from damage in the first place?

In many cases, yes! E Hardwoods & Flooring, where you can buy hardwood flooring online, discusses below how a simple refinishing job keeps your hardwood both going strong and looking great.

Refinishing Helps Your Hardwood Bounce Back

Hardwood flooring is a wonderful long-term investment for a reason: its general all-around durability, plus its ability to bounce back from and hold tough against even significant damage thanks to refinishing. If you want a flooring that can weather the roughest storms, so to speak, hardwood is where it’s at. Indeed, a little bit of elbow grease both protects from and can all but remove the following from your hardwood:

Water Damage

Provided that your flooring hasn’t turned black (and we sincerely hope it hasn’t), a good refinish can do wonders on even the toughest water damage—the sort that’s led your flooring to turn gray. Even so, please try to refrain from spilling on your hardwood flooring in the first place. While refinishing makes a flooring much more watertight, moisture damage isn’t ever something you want to risk.

Surface-Level Scratches

You’d be surprised at how much the little nicks can add up to make one dull-looking floor! With a fresh coating of finish, your flooring will look as though it just rolled out of the factory—and it’s likely to stay that way for a while, thanks to refinishing’s protective properties.

UV Fading

While it’s not necessary to treat hardwood flooring with kid gloves in this respect, leaving it to bleach out in the sun can cause it to look washed out and worn down. Refinishing can scrub this sort of dullness away, leaving your solid hardwood flooring looking luxe and revived. Plus, if you use a UV-resistant finish, your hardwood will hold that look for quite some time.

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