Mannington Adura Flex

ADURA®Flex offers many popular and unique designs in both wood planking and tile styles. ADURA®Flex Rectangles and Tile are both available with or without grout. It uses the traditional glue down method for it’s installation. Since this floor will need to be glued down to a sub floor, it makes a great product to use for an open floor plan if you do not want to use transition pieces. If you prefer to install your cabinets on top of your flooring, ADURA®Flex is the right choice, as it will not buckle or damage the clicking system on floating products.

It’s scratch resist wear layer creates exceptional durability against daily wear and tear caused by a busy household, kids, and pets. As well as being waterproof, this floor is easy to maintain and clean. This product comes with a limited lifetime residential warranty and a 10 year light commercial warranty.

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